You missed the current Oculus Quest 2 gross sales, however there’s nonetheless a purpose to have fun

For a very brief period this week, VR fans in the US could snatch up a 128GB Oculus Quest 2 for just $300. While that wouldn’t have been noteworthy a few months ago – as that’s how much the headset cost without a sale – it’s the cheapest we’ve seen the new Oculus Quest 2 going for since its price hike.

Because of rising production and shipping costs (according to Meta) the price of the Oculus Quest recently increased from $300 to $400, and from $400 to $500, for the 128GB and 25GB models respectively. For people who hadn’t yet been able to get one it was a major disappointment to see Meta’s headset go up in price, but the recent sales at GameStop and Amazon gave us something to celebrate.

Because while the situation isn’t better right now – the sales are over and the well of discounted Quest 2s has dried up – we’ve seen that the headset isn’t stuck at its new higher price. As we suspected when the hike was announced, deals will appear that will drop the Quest 2 back down in price – you just have to be quick off the mark to snatch up a bargain while you can.

Plus, even though those discounts were only at US retailers, we expect that those of you in the UK, Australia, and elsewhere in the world will see similar deals that take the £400 / AU$630 128GB model and £500 / AU$790 256GB model back down to £299 / AU$479 and £399 / AU$639 respectively.

And if you can pick up an oculus Quest 2 this way it’ll actually be a better deal than what people got before the base price went up. That’s because you’ll not only get the headset, but you can take advantage of a new one deal that Meta introduced to soften the blow of the rising cost: you get a free copy of Beat Saber.

The rhythm game is one of the best Oculus Quest 2 games we’ve played, so it’s definitely a title you’ll be glad to get for free.

So if you’re ready to step into the metaverse and want to buy an Oculus Quest 2, these sales prove that, for now, it’s best to save your money and keep your eyes peeled. Over the coming weeks and months – especially as we head into the Black Friday period – we’ll almost certainly see similar discounts appear, meaning you can get the Oculus Quest 2 at its old, and more reasonable, price.

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