Work Up a Sweat With VR Ping Pong

Come on, who doesn’t love ping pong?If you want a game that’s just Ping Pong without any fancy graphics but you want it to be challenging in nearly every aspect of the game, then VR Ping Pong is the game for you. Not only that, but you get to see that block-made crowd go absolutely wild any time a score is made.

What is VR Ping Pong?

That’s what it is, Virtual Reality Ping Pong and not much else. You play against the computer or you play one of a few challenges provided by the game. Such challenges included are either found in the Arcade mode or the Tournament mode. There are three levels of difficulty with the AI ​​and considering some consider easy rather hard, hard is truly hard in this case. I make this distinction because sometimes a difficulty is called hard but it’s only a slight bump up from easy.

Graphics and Visuals 4/5

This is not a game that’s out to impress anyone by any means with its graphics because everything except the table, the paddle, and the ball are all made out of blocks. It provides a very unique art style and if you watch some of the animations of the crowd, it also provides a very comical audience reaction. However, it does look good for the graphics that it does provide and everything looks and feels like an actual Ping Pong game, it’s just a lot easier to manage graphics when everything is made out of blocks.

Hardware 3/5

The hardware is as standard as it gets needing an i5 processor with 4GB of RAM with a GTX 970 and a 2GB need for space. You can upgrade with the GTX 980 and 8GB of RAM, but it doesn’t really provide much of a boost because all the graphics are mainly made out of blocks.

Fitness 3/5

Everything you get from real life Ping Pong you get here with VR Ping Pong. The ball most fast or it moves slowly, but playing against a hard AI will definitely bring the sweat out after a while. However, this game is going more for the old classic Atari version than a real life version as the Ping Pong physics are not on par with what it would be like if you played a real life match. This is a common complaint amongst those that play real life Ping Pong regularly, so be ready for a learning curve if you plan to pick this game up expecting it to act like a real life version of Ping Pong.

Game play 3/5

While I do love the cute design of the game and while it may be Ping Pong, a favorite sport of mine, the game brings me back to when I played flash versions of Ping Pong and how inaccurate the games could be. It does provide a real sense of playing Ping Pong if you’ve only ever played Ping Pong on convenience rather than seeking it out. However, the game is only $9.99 so it’s not much of a loss if the game doesn’t feel right for you.

Overall rating: 3/5

I do love Ping Pong, but I’m not going to give a VR Ping Pong biased points just because I like the sport. This game provides a beginners experience to Ping Pong, but it’s definitely not a top game in this category when it comes to Ping Pong. I hope that this game does improve as I do like the simplicity of the game itself.

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