Why you can purchase a Nintendo Swap Lite and Oculus Quest 2, as a substitute of PS5 or Xbox Sequence X

Nintendo Switch, Oculus Quest: These are my next generation consoles.

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This fall, there are new big box, mega graphics and super-horsepower PC-style game consoles that literally surpass the previous generation. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. are like gaming PCs that you plug into your TV. They’re fast, designed for 4K, and designed for online streaming. But, you know what? They’re also great game consoles that sit in front of your television. You’re not reinventing the gaming experience. They just do better. And besides, They are impossible to find in shops.

I became much more interested in devices and experiences that propel gaming into unfamiliar new areas. That’s what fascinated me about mobile gaming when the iPhone became a hit. Or Nintendo’s often experimental game consoles and handhelds like Nintendo 3DS and Wii U with additional screens and strange accessories. It’s what gets me excited about VR and AR that promise to completely melt the screen away. It is also why I love immersive theater and experimental real games.

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The $ 299 Nintendo Switch (or $ 199 Switch Lite) and the $ 299 Oculus Quest 2 I was the best at pushing boundaries in my gaming life. The handheld / TV transforming style of the Switch has resulted in the fact that I already play many more games and bring games with me. The Quest is similarly portable – and wireless – and I can easily turn any area into a play or exercise room. With both of them I don’t think about where to put them. They flow into any situation I need.

I play on one Xbox One X. and PlayStation 4 Pro, but not so much. I value the games, I value the idea of ​​their power. Same goes for that PS5 and Xbox Series X.. But here’s the thing: these consoles are sold out. They are expensive. And the games that make the most of them are going to take a while to get here. The same applies to unique accessories. VR works on the PS5, but it probably won’t feel like a next-gen VR until Sony updates its older headset in a couple of years. I’ve already started playing with an Xbox Series X and while the speed and quiet design are impressive, there are few games out there that really show what they can do.

My favorite consoles this year were Switch and Quest, and it hasn’t been tight.

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Nintendo Switches have reproduced like rabbits in our home this year.

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A humble suggestion

In the meantime, I’ll make a suggestion. The Oculus Quest 2 and Nintendo Switch Lite equate to the cost of a PS5 or Xbox Series X with a disc drive. Both game consoles are still the next generation for me, despite their limited graphics performance. The math is not perfect. You can save an additional $ 100 for a full TV docking switch or more storage for Quest 2 (or a head harness accessory). But you’d probably also need more controllers and games for those PS5 and Xbox purchases, and right now these systems are often sold in expensive bundles.

It depends on what you consider “next-gen”. If you like traditional games and want more performance and better game and media streaming, or if you want to play lots of games with friends online, the PS5 and Xbox Series X are more like living room PCs. However, if you want to try something completely different and experimental, Switch and Quest 2 offer a ton of unique experiences.

Plus, the Switch is by far the most family-friendly game console out there. And while mine Children play on the counter, I can disappear in VR worlds in search 2. Below are a few things to think about at a time.

Oculus Quest 2

The Quest 2 is better than last year, cheaper, and has fantastic games. However, you need to use a Facebook account.

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Oculus Quest 2 ($ 300)

  • The Quest 2 can Twice as a PC VR headset with a long USB-C cable, and does it remarkably well.
  • The quest’s motion controls are exciting and active, but keep an eye on the kids to make sure they don’t injure themselves (you can see what they are playing by broadcasting on the phone or TV).
  • The $ 300 Quest 2’s 64GB of storage isn’t enough for more than a few dozen games. You may want to consider the 256GB version because the storage cannot be expanded.
  • The Quest 2 requires a Facebook account and is technically not intended for children under the age of 13. Sharing between family members is not easy as there is only one account per Quest 2. I’m not happy with the Facebook request, but the rest of The Quest experience is awesome and there is nothing else doing what the Quest can do.

Look at that:

Oculus Quest 2 is better and cheaper … with a Facebook …


Nintendo Switch ($ 300, $ 200 for Switch Lite)

  • The Switch platform is now over three years old and updated Pro version of the switch could come next year.
  • The Lite cannot dock to a TV and its controllers cannot be removed. The TV capabilities of the $ 300 switch are vital for families and living room gaming. However, the Lite is more convenient to hold and smaller and works with the same games.
  • Digital Switch games can only be shared between accounts if you are ready to only play the games online. Therefore, consider physical cartridges for families with multiple switches.
  • You should add a microSD card to the onboard storage to store more game downloads if you buy a lot of digital games.

Look at that:

Nintendo Switch 2: What We Want To See


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