VRCover Promoting Controller Grips for Oculus Quest 2

VRCover, manufacturer of VR accessories, now sells controller grips made specifically for the Oculus Quest 2.

We haven’t tried them yet, but the handles should provide some of the benefits of the valve index controls – namely, that every now and then you should let go of your handle and have your hands free. Being able to relax your hands every now and then can have a huge impact on people who enjoy playing longer in VR.

The handles are available from the VRCover Store at a price of $ 29 plus shipping. According to VRCover, they contain a non-slip material with a structured surface and elastically adjustable ankle straps for different hand sizes. Dark and light gray colors are available, although the light gray option is not yet available in the global store.

Due to demand and COVID-related restrictions, you will need to check the store’s website for shipping dates for your location.

VRCover makes a range of accessories for VR headsets and we found the facial interface set discontinued for Quest 2 to be both comfortable and hygienic in our test. Today, Anker also announced an Oculus Quest 2 charging station, and Rebuff Reality also makes accessories. The market for add-ons for the Quest 2 seems to be warming up as people try to modify and improve the overall experience of the headset. We’ll be giving you impressions of the Controller Grips for Quest 2 as soon as we get our hands on them (or in them).

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