VR Train Tracker Brings Assist for Apple Watch and HealthKit

If you exercise a lot with your own VR headset, you may be familiar with the VR Health Exercise Tracker. The application, which comes from the VR Health Institute, is designed to closely track your own fitness trends while playing VR games and allow you to see the progress you are making. Now one of the most requested features for the app has finally been added.

For iOS device users, the VR Exercise Tracker now supports Apple Watch compatibility. This is an additional item that according to the VR Health Institute, many users have been asking for a long time. With the Apple Watch feature of the app, users can now track their heart rate by recording workouts in HealthKit, the native iOS program that allows you to keep track of workout statistics. For those who have Apple Watch devices, this really helps streamline things a little.

If you use VR games to do a lot of exercise yourself, you can easily see how useful the VR Exercise Tracker and this new feature are. Often times, one of the main drawbacks to training in VR is that it can be a game that is specifically tailored to your fitness goals, such as Supernatural you have to monitor how active you are. Fortunately, the VR Health Exercise Tracker was “built on hundreds of hours of VR-specific metabolic tests” to ensure it can tell exactly how many calories you might be burning.

“An estimated 15% of virtual reality games consume enough calories during typical gaming to train as moderate to intense,” explains the VR Health Institute on its official website. “However, general-purpose fitness trackers have difficulty predicting calorie consumption for new exercise, even with heart rate data. Since VR and AR are new and each game uses different muscles depending on the type of game, there is virtually no data that regular exercise trackers can use to estimate how many calories you burn during exercise. “

Even if you’ve not been advocating Apple Watch compatibility with the app for some time, downloading it might be a worthwhile program. With many people around the world still quarantined indoors looking for new ways to stay in shape, the VR Exercise Tracker seems like a great way to continue ensuring that you continue to achieve your own fitness goals.

For more information on the VR Exercise Tracker, please visit the application’s official website. Conversely, you can now also download it to your own device via the App Store and Google Play.

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