VR Exergaming Might Sluggish Alzheimer’s Progress

Exergaming. Photo credit: Frontier’s Media

VirZOOM is one of the most successful mainstream fitness apps out there. It has helped many of our readers, even some that we highlighted, lose weight and stay fit. The system constantly offers new experiences. Future technologies will use recumbents to recreate relaxing rides through the forest. It’s almost safe to say that the nature of the Spin class is completely changing thanks to VR.

It turns out that all of these VR exercises that scientists call “exergaming” also have significant effects on brain health. We learned that virtual reality could help rewire the brains of Parkinson’s patients, and a new study suggests similar benefits in Alzheimer’s disease.

What is exergaming?

If you follow this blog you already know what exergaming is, but it is a term that refers to physically engaging video gaming experiences. It is important that the experiences are virtual because exergaming works best on a class of people who cannot practice traditional sports. Some of the earliest examples were balance board games like Wii Fit, but rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution also found use in this category.

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