VR Chat Participant Banned For Supporting Hong Kong’s Protest

In a recent post on the VR chat forums, a user announced that they had been banned from supporting protests in Hong Kong. VR Chat is one of the most popular free MMOs and provides a social platform for the players.

In a post VR chat forum, a user with the VR chat ID “.Yui.” Claims that he posted “World: Glory” to Hong Kong and was eventually banned for disruptive behavior. The user goes on to mention that he was well aware of the fact that he was reported for this by Chinese players. With the intention of sharing the Hong Kong anthem song to the world, the user intended to spread the word. Instead, however, he was banned.

Additionally, the forum post was posted on the VR Chat subreddit. No wonder it was removed from there too. This further consolidates the fact that the ban was a direct result of the user’s actions. Considering that developers may prefer to keep political and sensitive stuff out of the game, the player’s ban is a bit too much. What do you think of the ban? Do actions like this call for a permanent ban on players? Or was it unjustified? Let us know in the comments below.

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