VR Chat Gamers Spring To Help An Avatar Who Suffered A Seizure

VR chat is probably very hellish. Sure, it can be downright fun, but it can also be an overwhelming cacophony of sights and sounds, with meme-bubbly characters ranging from King of the Hill’s Hank to Pokémon’s Lugia and everything in between. It’s not for the faint of heart or the easily offended, but a recent incident streamed by YouTuber Rogue Shadow VR proved that despite the insanity, gamers can put the silliness aside for a moment and worry about a person in need.

On Wednesday, a video from the YouTube channel Rogue Shadow VR opened for a multitude of characters in VR Chat, a social platform where players can become any character and spend time with others, either in role play, in chat or as a troll. The footage features avatars such as Lugia, Morty from Rick and Morty, a neon, an enthusiastic Wendy mascot from the restaurant chain, and a robot. Then the robot falls to the ground, it seems, and some pretty scary breathing sounds can be heard from the player’s microphone. Almost immediately, other players take notice of the situation, stop what they are doing, and form a circle around the player.


It appears that the robot’s player was using full-body tracking VR and after everyone took stock of the situation, they discovered that the player was having a seizure. Most players warned others and expressed concern about the robot when it made disturbing, labored breathing noises. Some didn’t quite get the memo and kept scurrying around, trolling, or playing their characters, but eventually the chaos stopped. The players stayed in a crowd around the robot and spoke quietly to it and asked if it was okay, if it had taken off its headset and if it was actually well.

Eventually, the gamer confirmed he was fine, announced that he believed he had had a seizure, and was welcomed back by concerned VR chat customers. Everyone suggested that he see a doctor and “call it a night” when he came to, a shocking slice of normalcy in a game where people swap silly jokes and act out their weirdest fantasies with custom characters. Although there was little the affected players could do to help the robot in its time of need, it was a touching moment to see others doing their best to come together and make sure that one of them was actually okay.

If you are ever messing around in VR chat and encountering a stressful, potentially dangerous situation, you should follow these players’ example and do your part to do the best you can. Talking to someone and calming them down can go a long way even if you are unable to help physically.

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