VR Chat Gamers Cease Mid-Chat to Assist Fellow Consumer Having a Seizure

We talked about VRChat and how virtual social space continues to grow within the gaming community, despite being essentially one giant meme brought to life. In a world that boasts that anything is possible, madness can fly – but just because it offers an escape from reality sometimes doesn’t make it very real. One of these instances includes a player who appears to be having a seizure while chatting.

The report came from YouTuber Rogue Shadow VR when they posted a video showing the instance how it happened. In the video above, you can see Rick and Morty characters, Pokemon, and even a super miniaturized McCree from Overwatch circling around a robot avatar who fell to the ground in a fit. As seen above, the robot collapses during the chat and heavy breathing is heard over the voice channel. If the player didn’t get up, the other members became more and more concerned about what was actually happening.

As someone who has had seizures themselves, there are sometimes warning signs. However, sometimes there aren’t, and in the virtual reality world, those sensations can be altered a bit, making it something to watch out for when gaming for an extended period of time.

In a recent conversation with Kotaku, the robot in question told them what happened: “I honestly don’t remember much of it,” he told them. “I remember suddenly feeling cold. Then I woke up and lay on the floor. I could hear these voices. “The player added that this was not the first time he had had a seizure, despite not having an official diagnosis.

The video shows a friendly gaming community. When the player came to, many urged him to drink water and get help. Of course there are always trolls, but when one turned the seedy robot into a teabag, the other players quickly corrected that behavior, with more serious health concerns afoot. Morty added, “The entire community is coming together to improve this person. Don’t be that one guy. “

It’s good to see the gaming community come together. Seizures are serious business. If you or someone you know has any experience of an epileptic episode, we urge you to see a doctor. When you are at home, visit this medical website here to learn how to safely deal with them if they occur.

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