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One possible way to get more consumers excited about virtual reality is to explore options in the fitness industry. Working with exercise bikes, for example, is both awful and boring. However, if the user is placed in a virtual scene, it can look much more appealing. VirZoom is reviewing its options in this regard, which is a bit of a promising sign.

VirZoom has a bold vision

Getting more people to exercise is a very daunting challenge. While the health benefits are clear to everyone, it just doesn’t appeal to the masses. Especially when running on a treadmill or exercise bike, there are many things that people would rather be doing. VirZoom aims to change that mindset through virtual reality.

More precisely, the company is working on VR exercise bikes. Known as the VZ Bike, it can be paired with VR headsets and gives users a more interesting view while pedaling for hours. In-house developed software even allows users to drive a Formula 1 car, which is a pretty interesting option.

A bit of a hassle is that the VZ Bike costs 499 US dollars. When you consider that this doesn’t include a VR headset, it’s not necessarily something that will excite most people right away. There are also some availability and shipping concerns that you should keep an eye on. Fortunately, there is a more workable solution.

The company known as VizFit has released a VR device that can be attached to any existing exercise bike. It uses a Windows Mixed Reality headset which is better quality than the original product. It also means the hardware can be taken on the go and even to the gym should users opt for this particular option. Giving consumers more options is never bad as long as it remains affordable.

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