Twitch streamer shocked after assembly swearing two-year previous in VR Chat

Meg Bethany Koepp

Published: 2020-01-04T23:01:22

Updated: 2020-01-04T23:01:22

A Twitch streamer exploded into fits of hysterics after they had a rather unexpected run-in with a two-year-old who couldn’t stop swearing during their VR Chat session.

Since VR Chat’s free-to-play release on Steam in 2017, virtual reality system owners have thoroughly enjoyed using the platform to communicate with friends and even meet strangers in the digital world.

Sometimes not all encounters are what you’d expect, though, as one streamer found out on December 27 when he ran into a rather young child who couldn’t stop cursing. While the encounter is a week old at this time of writing, it was recently posted again on the Livestream Fails subreddit.

‎VRChat IncVR Chat allows players to become their avatars as they meet people in the digital world.

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A swearing two-year-old

HazordVR was playing the virtual experience with friends when he randomly heard a voice over proximity chat that sounded like a kid. “What the…? O my God, you sound so young! Hello!” he exclaimed upon hearing the child talk.

What he wasn’t expecting next was the young player’s response. “F**K!” the kid suddenly shouted after a couple of seconds, which sent the streamer and everyone surrounding him into hysterics.

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“What?” the child asked innocently, as the players continued to die with laughter. “Don’t say that!” Hazard replied. “Don’t say that word, okay? Please? Don’t say that word, okay?”

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“SH*T!” the kid shrieked, which caused everyone to break out into fits of giggles again.

“Kappa, say kappa,” a random stranger asked, to which the young player responded with “Kappa… POGCHAMP!” – a sign that he’d probably learned the language from Twitch.

“Do you know how old she is, T?” the streamer asked his friend. “Two!” the child responded, to which Hazord asked, “Poo? Oh, you’re two? Aww, you’re so TINY! O my goodness!”

“I’m not tiny, I’m big boy!” the two-year-old replied. “Okay, you’re a big boy,” the VR Chat player said as he patted his avatar on the head.

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VR Chat is actually restricted to ages 13 and up, meaning that the child was far too young to be playing the game at all, let alone talking to and interacting with strangers, and violated the Terms of Service.

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The virtual reality title has often been criticized for having such a low age restriction as it’s known to host content that isn’t suitable for users under the age of 18.

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