Train With These Enjoyable And Scary Monster VR Video games

Free your inner monster or fight for your life against the living dead – you will find a monster themed VR game that will make you work up a sweat in a storm. The first two games aren’t scary or intimidating, but be warned that the last three games feature monsters and zombies that might be too intense for some VR gamers.

Mighty monster chaos

You are a monster! Play as a single player or as a group of 4 players as Cthulu Carl, Ian Insectoid, Toni the Oni, Ronald the Rock or Todd the Gorzilla (a cross between Gorilla + Godzilla). Tear up skyscrapers, knock over trucks and buildings, and pick up people walking around as you invade a city like paper mache. Use your beefy hands to throw objects, climb, destroy things, get boosts, unlock more monsters, and eat people.

Fitness potential

You get a full body workout as the whole body is used to pick up, throw, kick and squat as you achieve your goals. Enjoy getting your whole body moving while you sweat. Add a weight vest, hand weights, or ankle weights to increase the difficulty of your workout.

Developer / Publisher: Rank 17

Compatible with: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, with tracked controllers

Price: $ 14.99

Shortcut: Mighty monster chaos

100ft Robot Golf – Kaiju Driving Range

Fight in rounds of golf against your Kaiju or the “strange monster” against a giant robot (or vice versa). Swing and aim to hit the robot or kaiju at their weak spots to get more points for your gauge. Gather your friends and compete against each other to see who can stay below average.

Fitness potential

At 100ft Robot Golf, you can use your upper (shoulders, chest, back, core) and lower body (buttocks and thighs) to stabilize and execute your golf swing. As a robot or kaiju, you’ll jump and get in the way of other players by throwing entire buildings and objects at them to make it harder for them to aim and swing accurately.

Developer / Publisher: Not a goblin

Compatible with: PlayStation VR with tracked controllers

Price: Not available

Shortcut: 100ft Robot Golf – Kaiju Driving Range

Arizona sunshine

You are in Southwest America after the zombie apocalypse occurs. You will use over 25 weapons to shoot down, repel and kill hordes of the living dead. This game works in a similar way to the Fallout games, where you hunt for ammo and supplies through a wasteland as you piece together a bigger story.

Fitness potential

Fast response times are essential for these sneaky, creepy and crawling zombies. Your arms and torso could get tired of two-handed weapons, automatic rifles, and even long-range weapons to kill swarming enemies. This is not a leg play, but it can happen if your posture and movements are toppled in a crouch or in the air. How you survive is up to you.

Developer: Vertigo Games, Jaywalkers Interactive

Editor: Vertigo Games

Compatible with: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and Tracked Controllers

Price: $ 39.99

Shortcut: Arizona sunshine, Arizona sunshine

Horizon of death

It is your mission to kill all T-12 infected zombies and monstrous beings while you are locked in a research laboratory. Use automatic weapons to fight against waves of contained zombies. Complete your missions and objectives to get information about the virus. Try to contain the virus and survive.

Fitness potential

Your upper body will get a good workout by shooting down zombies hiding around corners and behind doors. While shooting, go to other sections of the laboratory, find ammo, and try not to panic. The different sizes and special abilities of the zombies keep your heart rate elevated while you maneuver your body to anticipate spitting, jumping and surprise attacks from all directions. Dodging green slime and zombie claws like they’re real can give you better leg workouts.

Developer / Editor: Dream Dev Studio LLP

Compatible with: Samsung Gear VR with tracked controllers

Price: $ 4.99

Shortcut: Horizon of death


You have accepted a mission to get to ARKTIKA.1, a frozen world that has been taken over by human enemies and deadly creatures. Save the remains of the apocalyptic world from these beasts while you save yourself and complete missions with futuristic weapons that take a punch.

Fitness potential

Make your way through the icy landscape as you hide from drones and bad guys who want to kill you. Outsmart your enemies by teleporting and hiding behind whatever you can find. You get a good upper and middle body workout when you have to turn your body around corners and shoot for a long time. Your legs will feel like jelly after you crouch down to escape the chills of the bullets.

Developer: 4A Games

Editor: Oculus

Compatible with: Oculus Rift with tracked controllers

Price: $ 29.99

Shortcut: ARCTIC.1

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