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If you’re looking to spice up your New Year’s workout with high-tech vibes, Tiffany Haddish may be your new favorite studio buddy (in virtual reality, anyway).

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The actress and comedian’s latest collaboration with the VR fitness app Supernatural brings us four virtual workouts (boxing, cardio, full body stretching and meditation) that encompass all the things Haddish himself loves about training in virtual reality, and offers a unique (if a little sci-fi) way to spice up your 2022 welding sessions.

“I got addicted to Supernatural last year,” Haddish said in a statement. “I’ve never felt so strong or had so much fun training. I can travel the world from my living room, move to music I love, and feel like a superhero every day. My mission in life is to spread joy and empower people, and as a Supernatural Guest Coach, I can spread that goodness in a way that also makes people sweat and smile while doing great workouts. “

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Here’s a sneak peek at their workouts ahead of their debut in 2022:

This year you are: We are ready: “In this supernatural boxing workout, members are invited to jab, cross, hook, and weave to powerful hip-hop tracks while sweating with Tiffany. Tiffany encourages members to say goodbye to “New Year, New You” and instead forge intentions for a solution that is rooted in strength, authenticity and fun. “

Self-love: raised by the world: “During this flow workout, Supernatural’s signature cardio workout, members travel to beautiful coastal destinations in Spain and Portugal, smash targets in the Maldives and sweat between rice terraces in China. Haddish calls on members to celebrate the abundance of nature while practicing dance hits infused with world music. “

Stretch Duet: Full Body Giggle: “Members are invited to give their bodies the healing power of full-body stretches and full-body giggles as they follow Tiffany Haddish and Supernatural Coach Raneir Pollard on this routine through the salt flats of Bolivia.”

Meditation: manifest abundance: “In this guided visualization, Tiffany Haddish invites members to dream a beautiful vision for their future as they meditate with her in Mongolia’s Orkhan Valley. Tiffany shares that she has changed her life by writing down her goals each morning and invites members to dream of their goals as they manifest their own abundance. “

Leanne Pedante, Head of Fitness at Supernatural, also asked SheKnows for a quick rundown of Tiffany’s collaboration with the app, the benefits of a VR-style workout (no, really!) Your next sweat (it’s possible, I promise!)

SheKnows: Tell us a little bit about how this collaboration with Tiffany came about. What made this partnership feel right?

Leanne Pedante: Our marketing team gave Tiffany a gift about a year ago and she instantly fell in love with Supernatural. As we learned more about her, we were so taken with her story; master every challenge – and there were many – overcome barrier after barrier in order to forge a career that makes people laugh and spreads joy. For us at Supernatural, what makes a great coach is someone who inspires others to push their limits, someone who leads with love and is authentic to their true self. Tiffany embodies this through and through. She was already a huge fan of the workouts, so asking her to come into the family as a visiting coach was a breeze.

SK: What do you think is the most exciting part of Tiffany’s guest coaching project?

LP: The whole experience of seeing Tiffany step into her role as a trainer was really inspiring because she brought so much authenticity and honesty to her every moment. But what made it so magical was that everything she said came from a place she had spent so many months using Supernatural as a member, so she intuitively knew what people MUST hear when they do are in their training. None of this was wrong or enforced – she spoke from her heart, from one supernatural athlete to another. I remember listening to her record the voiceover of the workout and she took a second to remind members not to be frustrated if they missed a target because no matter what happened, they were still moving their bodies, which was the important part. And I just threw my hands in the air – EXACTLY! Spoken like a real trainer! Plus, she’s just so hilarious – it was a real struggle for all of us in the room with her to suppress our laughter while listening to her record.

SK: What makes a Supernatural workout different from other competitors or other workouts that our readers may be used to?

LP:Supernatural’s strongest offering is how truly immersed in what you are doing. There are no mirrors, you cannot compare yourself to anyone – you are transported to stand on a mountain or at the base of a volcano while listening to music you love and moving around in a way that feels powerful and invigorating. You are joyfully forced to be fully present in what you are doing, with no distractions or judgments. It’s like a meditation that also makes you feel like a wild rock star.

SK: For people who are a bit hesitant about whether VR workouts are for them (especially those who are short of time or who find the high-tech nature a bit extra), why give it a try?

LP: After working in the fitness arena for nearly a decade, I’ve tried almost every workout, piece of equipment, every studio experience – and I can say that sliding on a small piece of equipment on my head is actually one of the easier things! But I understand that the term “VR workout” might still be a bit of a mystery to people – so I would recommend that people just stop by our official Supernatural community on Facebook to see what over 25,000 of ours are real members say. Every day I read stories from members of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels who share that Supernatural was the first exercise program in a long time – maybe ever – that they wanted to stick with. They feel supported, they have fun, they get stronger, and they are part of an incredibly encouraging community that has made them part of something bigger than themselves. We released boxing workouts in October and within days one of our great ones did Posted 82 year old members on the group to let everyone know that you can absolutely do the boxing workouts while sitting and still have a great time. We just released Front Facing Mode to allow people to do any of our workouts in a small space or from a seated position, and received rave reviews from our adaptive athletes. One of the nice things about VR workouts is that you can customize them to suit your needs. So it’s actually one of the best options for people who want a customized experience based on their location.

SK: What are some pro tips for people getting into a VR exercise for the first time?

LP: When I first started using VR I was so excited to get onto the fun stuff right away that I didn’t ask where the pause button is…. that I really needed when I worked up a sweat and was ready for a water break! Take the extra 90 seconds to familiarize yourself with the controllers so you can really indulge in the experience. Whenever I show my friends Supernatural for the first time, I try to get them to do one of our Sweat Symphony workouts to classical music. Last year we released a workout kit for The Nutcracker Suite. You travel from one winter snowy landscape to the next, crouch and beat to overtures and feel like a maestro and a ballerina at the same time. It’s pure magic.

SK: Real Talk: How do you get over the feeling of looking ridiculous in a VR headset? Have you ever Are you really getting over it or do you just lean in and learn to enjoy it?

LP: Lean in! I also have a lot of evidence that people look incredibly strong and bad in a VR headset, so I would ask if this is a legitimate concern at all. But for those who are, the cool thing about VR is that once you put the headset on, you no longer have to worry about what viewers might be thinking. They disappear from sight and from memory once inside. Once you’ve stood on top of the Great Wall of China, listening to Kendrick Lamar and pounding, what others think is furthest away from you.

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