This Week In VR Health Video games 3/19/18

Credit To: Fast Travel Games

Apex Construct

This is a futuristic high tech first person arrow and archer, action and adventure, with puzzle elements. It is set in a mechanized world and nature where you will throw arrows at various robotic villains so you don’t get taken over by their rebellion.

Fitness potential

Apex Construct is a space scale, sit and stand VR game that allows you to do a light upper body workout. This is a space scale so you can move as much as you can without bumping into things, and you can always crouch or fall out while shooting, which will benefit your lower body.

Do you like to play archery and archery? Play: In death and oVRshot.

Developer / Editor: Fast Travel Games

Release DATE: March 20, 2018

Compatible with: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, PSVR, with tracked controllers

Price: $ 29.99

Shortcut: Apex Construct, Apex Construct (PSVR Feb. Release)


Video credit to: VR EXPLORER via YouTube

SiegeVR is a first person arrow and archer who plays in a neat looking medieval setting with a castle, torches burning, and armored warriors. In this game, you compete as a single player in multiplayer and co-op against or alongside AI and other players to find out who is the best archer and who can keep his defenses up.

Fitness potential

Playing Gallery Mode allows you to aim and shoot at targets for great hand-eye coordination and moderate torso work when done quickly and over a long period of time. In siege mode, you will face fellow archers against some medieval villains on the ground using catapults and other weapons.

If you like archers or play in multiplayer, play: Elven Assassin and Holopoint.

Developer / Editor: Sixense Studios / Vive Studios

Release DATE: March 20, 2018

Compatible with: HTC Vive, with tracked controllers

Price: $ 8.49 to $ 9.99

Shortcut: SiegeVR

ARK Park

ARK Park is based on the original PC game ARK: Survival Evolved and is an open world, action and adventure game with elements for shooting, collecting and creating. You will be transported to a futuristic world where dinosaurs, ranging from tiny monkeys to T-Rex, are paramount.

Fitness potential

This is a first person, space scale, and multiplayer game where players fight or collect dinosaurs and eggs before they eat you. There are places to shoot dinosaurs and even some yetis like the old school game (um, 2017). Players can sit or stand while they play, making it an accessible game that uses your torso in spear attacks when you have power behind bumps and shoot when you have been doing it for a while. If that’s too easy for you, add a Weight vest or gloves. Crouching down to collect items or dodging attacks gives you lower body workout with longer play.

Do you want to fight dinosaurs and other monsters in VR to get some exercise? Play: Island 359 and DMD Mars Mission.

Developer / Editor: Snail Games

Release DATE: March 22, 2018

Compatible with: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, PSVR, with tracked controllers

Price: $ 39.00 base game, $ 47.99 Tek Edition, $ 49.99 PSVR

Shortcut: ARK Park, ARK Park

Moonstone: origin of blood

Video credit to: vrgamecritic via YouTube

This is a first person shooter sword game with a story element in which you fight monsters to the death. Players have to fight evil and creepy looking bosses to fight their dark forces and save life. Collect mighty moonstones, heal and fight alongside AI NPCCs and upgrade your weapons.

Fitness potential

With 4 levels of combat for shooting and killing monsters and bosses, this is an upper body game great for lower body actions when dodging or crouching on a room scale (dodge control system doesn’t count for practice, sorry). Keeping your arms up to shoot weapons and slicing with your sword effortlessly will exercise your upper body.

Like a good shootout and sword fight in your VR games? Play: GORN and Zanshin.

Developer / Editor: Gamepoch, Inc./GQJoy Co., Ltd; Zenox Studio / GQJoy Co., Ltd.

Release DATE: March 21, 2018

Compatible with: PSVR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Tracked Controllers

Price: $ 9.99 to $ 14.99

Shortcut: Moonstone: origin of blood, Moonstone: origin of blood (Yes / Eye Release 2016)

Audio beats

Video credit to: vrgamecritic via YouTube

This is a VR rhythm game where you will listen to electrifying music as the balls make their way to the beat platform. Players hit the balls accurately to get points, but must also use both hands to do so. There are several types of notes, including single notes, long notes you hold, and direction notes.

Fitness potential

This is a single player rhythm game where your upper body gets all of the practice as you quickly hit the panels in front of you. Play in 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal and Hard. This makes it a good entry-level game that can increase the intensity over time. Rhythm games like this are great for coordination and can be a great add-on game for arm day.

Do you love to dance or hit musical notes to the beat? Play: Holodance and VR Rhythm Action Seiya.

Developer / Editor: Gamepoch, Inc./Famiku

Release DATE: March 20, 2018

Compatible with: PSVR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Tracked Controllers

Price: $ 9.99

Shortcut: Audio beats, Audio beats (Yes / Eye Release 2017)

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