This software allows you to take Fb off your Oculus Quest 2

If you don’t want your Oculus Quest 2 VR headset to have to be logged into Facebook in order to work, you will love this new tool.

The tool called “Oculess” allows users to remove the Facebook requirement so they can continue using their headsets without Facebook. Previously, you had to spend an additional $ 500 to get a corporate version of the headset to bypass the Facebook requirement.

Basically, it works by logging out of Facebook on the headset while keeping it usable (mostly). That also has the added benefit of allowing you to use the headset when Facebook isn’t available, as it was earlier this week.

To use the tool, you need to download it onto your Oculus Quest 2. That means you first create a developer account, verify your identity with a credit or debit card, and then connect the headset to your Android phone or PC to use the Oculess. to send tool to the shelf inside the headset.

The tool then unlinks the Facebook account on the headset so that it can work even if the Facebook servers fail again.

You can also turn off telemetry, which is data sent back to Facebook, and pause firmware updates so Facebook can’t post firmware that makes the tool stop working.

Be warned that doing so will damage the Oculus Store and all of the standard Oculus apps like the browser as all of these require Facebook on the headset. You can, however, use any sideloaded apps, and a factory reset will remove the tool so you can set up the Oculus Quest 2 to use the official apps again.

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