These finest Oculus Quest 2 equipment are right down to their least expensive ever costs

A selection of official Oculus Quest 2 accessories including the Elite strap, carrying case and Oculus Link cable are on sale in both the US and UK.

The discounts are pretty small, but the prices of these useful extras drop to their lowest-ever prices. That makes them some of the best Oculus Quest 2 deals available today if you already own the highly rated VR headset.

To go into some specifics, possibly the most wanted Oculus Quest 2 accessory is the Elite Strap. This premium headband offers you a more comfortable and stable experience when using the VR headset. It normally costs $49/£49 but is now reduced to $39 in the US and £35.99 in the UK. A rechargeable version is also on offer, which can double your playing time before you need to charge it. It’s down to $99 (was $109) or £79 (was £99).

Two more Oculus Quest 2 accessory deals are available today. The first comes in the handy carry case, which now costs $39 in the US and £35.99 in the UK. That’s a saving of $10/£13 and the cheapest deal ever in both regions. This durable protective case offers space to store your headset, controllers, charging cable and power supply. There’s also additional space for the Elite harness and battery pack should you decide to take those accessories with you as well.

Finally, there’s the Oculus Link cable. It’s reduced by $10 to $69 in the US and £13 to £75.99 in the UK. As a heads up, it has historically been cheaper in both regions, falling as low as $49.95/£49.99 over a year ago. Why you would want this: You can connect the Oculus Quest 2 headset to your gaming PC to access other titles from the Rift library that require a dedicated computer to play.

Today’s Best Oculus Quest 2 Accessory Deals (USA)

Today’s Best Oculus Quest 2 Accessory Deals (UK)

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