The Way forward for Health in VR: Black Field VR

When a company comes out and speaks directly to the fitness industry right away, we take notice. Black Box VR just did that and we definitely heard what they were saying! According to their website, “Black Box VR is the world’s first full virtual reality gym experience”. The company – led by former CEO Ryan DeLuca and co-founder and BB alum Preston Lewis – prides itself on creating the world’s first virtual reality gym experience. The Goal: You step into a black box VR boutique gym and immerse yourself in a whole new way to get fit so that you never want to visit an outdated gym again.

“Traditional fitness experiences are like torture,” says DeLuca. You focus on the pain of each rep or step. The clock is ticking so slowly that you wonder if it is actually working. With advanced hardware and software, Black Box’s virtual reality workouts have been shown to create a ravine between your actual effort and your perceived effort. ”Deluca spoke about this phenomenon right here on this page and we can’t agree more

Lewis told us in a Black Box VR experience, “You give 10/10 of your skills, but it feels like 6/10. Time goes by so quickly that your 30-minute full-body virtual reality fitness experience feels like ten minutes. The secret of personal fitness success is consistency. Do aerobic and resistance exercises at least three days a week and your body will become lean and strong. Everyone understands that, but traditional fitness routines are very difficult to maintain in the long run. “

How does it work?

According to the published information, Black Box VR will work with a pulley system: The integrated cable pull system is controlled by the Black Box’s virtual reality engine and gives you real muscle and strength-building resistance for your entire body. Instant force change functions give you full immersion.

What does it all mean for you?

Black Box VR believes that you will emerge from a 30-minute virtual reality fitness workout with maximized fitness results, where every minute is optimized by artificial intelligence and adaptive training presets. The unique combination of virtual reality immersion, presence and real-time resistance variability makes it possible.

What’s the secret?

Speaking to DeLuca and Lewis, it became very clear that the new company, like any successful workout or fitness product, is geared towards each individual user. “The intensity of the experience depends entirely on your abilities. Machine learning modules intelligently get you from where you are now to where you want to be. ”Aside from the results, you’ll also learn the right form (without realizing it), avoid injuries and make your progress so easy (and entertaining ) like in your favorite game. Sounds like a big win for VR and fitness and we can’t wait to try it out!

Would you like to try it out?

The team and Black Box are so sure you want to be part of this fitness revolution and invite you to join their beta and get real-time updates from their website. We encourage you to do this! Now! Track your progress and let us know how your fitness level is developing.

Disclosure: VR Fitness Insider is owned and operated by Strive VR LLC, the parent company of Black Box VR.

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