The perfect Oculus Quest 2 equipment for 2022

The best Oculus Quest 2 accessories can enhance your VR experience. A few simple add-ons can make using the 503-gram Oculus Quest 2 even more convenient over a longer period of time.

We have compiled a list of all the accessories that we think are essential to the Quest 2 or Meta Quest if you’re using the headset’s renamed name. These include straps with integrated battery packs, face covers, controller straps, and carry cases. Really anything that ensures that your skin doesn’t get irritated or your controller doesn’t fly right in your face.

Based on our research and testing, these are the best Oculus Quest 2 accessories out there right now.

The best Oculus Quest 2 accessories you can buy today

Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap with battery

(Image credit: Meta)

1. Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap with battery

The best strap for your Oculus Quest 2

Reasons to buy

+Easily adjustable+Fits perfectly+Battery pack added

The Elite Strap with Battery Pack is our top pick for the best Oculus Quest 2 accessories because they are brilliantly designed. Although it is expensive at $ 99, it clips easily onto the Quest 2 and allows users to adjust the mount and position of the headset with the turn of a dial.

We think the Elite Strap is more practical than the regular strap because of its ease of use and intuitiveness. Pretty much anyone can find out how it works. In addition, the additional battery provides additional power for long gaming sessions.

Some users on Reddit have posted reports of their elite straps breaking. This was not the case with us, however it does suggest that the Elite Strap should be handled with some care.

Remember, we recommend that Elite strap with battery, not the separate Elite Strap that goes for $ 49. For those looking to save a bit, the Elite Strap alone might be worth it. However, we found the Battery Pack version more practical.

If $ 99 is too much, Meta has a standout bundle of the Quest 2 Elite Belt with Battery and Carrying Case for $ 129. This saves users $ 20 versus buying both accessories separately. We’ve seen this bundle on sale for just $ 119, but sales are rare. Even then, $ 129 is a good price.

Oculus Quest 2 carrying case

(Image credit: Meta)

2. Oculus Quest 2 carrying case

The best carrying case for your Oculus Quest

Reasons to buy

+Excellent design+Quest 2 fits exactly+Feels first class

Reasons to avoid

Little space for additional accessoriesLooks like an egg

Since Quest 2 can be played without a computer, a carrying case is an indispensable accessory for VR on the go. We recommend the official Oculus Quest 2 carrying case because of its outstanding design and first-class carrying comfort.

Seriously, Meta fell out of the park with this case. It is designed to fit the Quest 2 and its controllers together as closely as possible. This means that there is very little space for additional accessories. Additionally, the Oculus Quest 2 carrying case may not fit all third-party straps. But the premium felt exterior and single zipper suggest that designers invest considerable time in making this tote bag look and feel extraordinary.

At $ 50, this tote is a bit pricey, but we’ve seen it on sale in the past for just $ 40. Also, Meta is selling the Elite Strap with battery and carrying case for $ 129, though we only saw it for $ 119. We think this bundle offer is great value and a must for new Quest 2 owners.

VR cover for Oculus Quest 2

(Photo credit: VR-Cover)

3. Face interface & foam replacement set for Quest 2

Best face covering for the Oculus Quest 2

Reasons to buy

+Comfortable+Easy to install+Less irritation

The face covers that come with the Quest 2 aren’t that great. The foam material is not breathable and absorbs sweat easily. Also, users have posted reports of skin irritation forcing Facebook to call back for those who encounter this problem.

When it comes to the best face coverings for the Oculus Quest 2, we have to rely on VRCover’s Facial Interface and Foam Replacement Set. It’s a premium face cover that comes with its own clip that snaps onto the inside of the Quest 2. This clip then makes it easy for users to put on their face coverings, which is handy when multiple people are using the same headset and may not want to share foam.

AMVR Touch Controller handle cover for Oculus Quest 2

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4. AMVR touch controller handle cover

Best ankle straps for the Oculus Quest 2

Reasons to buy

+Provides a firm hold+Easily adjustable

Reasons to avoid

Adds extra bulkInstallation in the carrying bag a little more difficult

The AMVR Touch Controller Grip Covers are the best ankle straps for the Oculus Quest 2. These straps are easy to set up and use, and can be adjusted in a snap. For games that require a lot of hits or other sudden movements, the AMVR handle covers ensure the Quest 2 controllers stick to your hands.

The AMVR’s main selling point turns out to be its only weakness. Since these knuckle grips will stick to your hands, you’ll need to completely remove the controller from your hand to release your fingers. For example, it’s difficult to adjust the Quest 2 head strap without removing the controllers from your hands first. It’s a bit of a nuisance, but the added security is worth it.

Anker charging station for Oculus Quest 2

(Image credit: Anker)

5. Anchor charging station for Oculus Quest 2

The best way to charge your Oculus Quest 2

Reasons to buy

+Chic design+Great for everyday VR users

Reasons to avoid


Of all the accessories on this list, the Anker Charge Dock is a bit more optional. This dock can charge your headset and controllers when you are not playing. It looks sleek and can be a great addition to any media setup.

The great thing about the Anker Charging Dock is that it has a small USB-C magnet insert that plugs into the Quest 2’s charging port. When the Quest 2 is docked, the magnet locks into place with the dock, enabling automatic charging. In addition, the dock has its own controller battery covers with metal pins for wireless charging.

However, there are two disadvantages. The dock can interfere with the Elite Strap with Battery Pack accessories. It can still work with this add-on, but you’ll have to unplug the battery and charge it separately. However, the dock works with the standard $ 50 Elite strap.

The other downside is the price. At $ 98, the Anker Charge Dock is very expensive for what you get. We think it would be worth buying right now if the price was more competitive.

Even then, there are few other docks that can match their design. The Esimen Charging Dock is a much cheaper alternative, but we couldn’t test it ourselves. It can be wall mounted which is convenient.

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