The Newest Oculus Quest 2 Replace Truly Made It Worse

A recent update to the Quest 2 headset brings new features, but complaints have surfaced about a visual bug impacting the user experience.

An update on metas Oculus Quest 2 Virtual reality headsets were introduced a few days ago, but some users have complained about a visual bug. Meta announced the Quest 2 in 2020 as the successor to the first generation Quest standalone VR headset. The new model was introduced with a higher resolution, a higher refresh rate and a lower price. All of this helped the company sell 10 million units by the end of 2021.

Quest VR headsets are quite popular and have cemented Meta (Facebook) as a leader on the consumer side. Their popularity is expected to grow even further as users no longer need a Facebook account to log into the device. The manufacturer also has a few new models planned, including a high-end model codenamed Project Cambria, which is expected to launch later this year as the Quest Pro.


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Meta began rolling out a new update to Quest 2 earlier this week that includes several major new features. However, the v37 update is not without its problems, as some Reddit users have complained about chromatic aberration. This is essentially when colors appear in places where they shouldn’t be, resulting in color fringing around the edges of objects. According to Android Central, Meta released a statement confirming that the company is investigating the matter and will provide an update if there is one.

You might want to turn off Wi-Fi

Oculus Quest 2 can now be paired with Apple's Magic Keyboard

Luckily, the update is being rolled out gradually, which means many users haven’t gotten it yet. Unfortunately, Quest 2 updates itself automatically and there is no way to turn off automatic updates. Unless Meta interrupts the rollout, the best solution currently is to turn off Wi-Fi so the device doesn’t connect to the internet and automatically apply the update. Of course, this is not a good option for users who need to connect to the Internet to perform tasks, but it is either that or there is a risk that other users will encounter the problem.

Aside from the visual bug, the v37 update brings many new features to the Quest 2 headset. For example, Apple Magic Keyboard owners can now pair their keyboard with the VR headset and see a 3D rendering of the keyboard and their hands in their home environment. There’s also now the ability to share links from an Android device to the Oculus Quest 2 headset via the mobile app, as well as the option to access a quick action menu with a pinch gesture.

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Source: Reddit, Android Central


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