The most effective Oculus Quest 2 video games simply obtained even higher

Superhot VR, one of the most accessible and fun virtual reality games, gets a super smooth 120 Hz mode on the Oculus Quest 2.

The action game, where enemies move and attack just the way you do, giving you time to plan Matrix-like slow-motion assassinations, has experimental support for the high refresh rate setting.

In theory, this should result in a much more enjoyable gaming experience for a game that was already among the best in its class in terms of VR convenience. Moving objects should look smoother thanks to the update and the space itself should look more grounded. However, the Superhot team emphasizes that this is an experimental option and that players should turn it off if they encounter any bugs or glitches.

Hey @oculus Quest SUPERHOT VR gamer! 👉We added experimental support for 120 FPS. 👈It is EXPERIMENTAL. So if you run into problems, you can turn this mode off through Settings. Have fun! #OculusQuest #SUPERHOTVR cATYf70xflMay 6, 2021

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120 Hz support for select Oculus Quest 2 titles was introduced in April with an update to the 3D puzzler Cubism.

The mode uses the additional computing power of the Oculus Quest 2 compared to its predecessor, the original Oculus Quest, to shift out more frames per second while playing and to make the movement in the headset appear more natural and fluid.

It’s a demanding feature, however, and so few games can possibly take advantage of it – especially graphically intensive games that have already pushed the hardware to its limit. As a result, not all existing games can retrospectively support 120Hz mode – although we may find more titles in the future that were built from the ground up at 120Hz.

In any case, it’s great to see Facebook choosing not to rest on its laurels with the already excellent Quest 2, and finding more ways to innovate with what is already quickly becoming our favorite virtual Reality headset has become.

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