The brand new Oculus Quest 2 boasts higher VR worth than ever

The Oculus Quest 2 is a damn good VR headset. In fact, it’s probably the best standalone mixed reality device money can buy for our money.

It was music to our ears when Facebook announced that its new and improved Quest 2 model would offer 128GB of storage for the exact same price as the existing base version – making it better value for money and easier to recommend than ever before doing.

The move comes after Facebook stopped selling its Oculus Quest 2 headset earlier this month after complaining of skin irritation from a small number of users. In a blog post, the company announced that it would not only fix the problem by implementing a more secure silicone cover, but that it would completely discontinue the 64GB Quest 2 and replace it with a 128GB model.

There is no doubt that Facebook was already working on a 128GB Quest 2 headset, and it is not known whether the recall affected previous plans to make this larger-capacity model as the successor to the 64GB version of the Device to use.

Either way, starting August 24th, gamers can purchase a 128GB Quest 2 for the known price of $ 299 / £ 299 / AU $ 479. Before the recall, the only storage option other than the base model was the 256GB variant, which will continue to stay at $ 399 / £ 399 / AU $ 639.

No expandable storage, but still a huge improvement

Facebook doubling the amount of entry-level storage on its Quest 2 devices is a big deal. Most Quest titles currently occupy around 3GB of storage – barring particularly large files like The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners or Doom3Quest – which means that players could store up to around 20 titles on the original 64GB model.

A revamped 128GB capacity essentially doubles that number, but it also makes the Quest 2 more future-proof for the inevitably larger VR games that will hit the market later.

This point is especially important given the lack of expandable storage in Quest 2. Whichever model you choose, the only way to get more internal storage is to erase existing titles from your hard drive – a familiar trial version for any long-time PS4 or PS4 Xbox One owner.

This fact remains as the upcoming 128GB Quest 2 also lacks expandable storage – but at least it gives future Quest owners more space for now and in the future.

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