The 10 Greatest VR Video games Of 2021, In accordance To Metacritic

After 2021 officially ended, it is the time of year for best-of lists, retrospective compilations and annual reviews on all major media platforms. In the case of games, virtual reality immersion is pushing the technological frontier through breakthrough companies like Oculus, Microsoft, Google, Unity, Magic Leap and many more.

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The most outstanding VR games of 2021 include big brand names like Star Wars and Resident Evil, as well as smaller and newer titles like Demeo, YUKI and more. There are quite a few VR players out there for every type.

10 Wraith: The Oblivion – Life After Death – 76

A thin ghoul appears in the dark in Wraith - The Oblivion - Afterlife

Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife was released in April by Fast Travel Games and puts players in the purgatory perspective of a departed spirit after a seance and allows them to torment the souls of the living in a wildly exciting virtual space. To make matters worse, players will have to solve the cause of their own death, which opens up a series of supernatural puzzles and clues to unlock.

Praised for its slow intensity, ability to get under your skin and linger, nightmarish atmosphere and surprisingly poignant ghost story, Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife proves that VR and horror go hand in hand.

9 Lonely Echo II – 78

Liv is in a control module in Lone Echo II

Released four years after the original by Oculus Studios, Lone Echo II continues Jack and Liv’s epic quest as they set out to destroy an advanced biomass of alien “ticks” aboard a goddamn space station. Between the extremely engaging narrative and the really challenging puzzles, the adventure game has received positive reviews since its release in October.

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A classic example of a bigger, better, and bolder sequel, Lone Echo II is known for its improved game mechanics, outstanding graphics, and deeply addicting combat scenarios that captivate players from the first to the last moment.


8th Song in the Smoke – 79

Key artwork for song in the VR game Smoke

Song in the Smoke is one of the most original and inventive VR games released in 2021. Beasts and Strange Creatures is second to none.

With eight superbly designed levels that use nature and weather as key elements to a player’s survival, the game has been recognized for its sprawling open-world layout that players can explore endlessly and the lifelike sensory vibrations that move every step of the way Way are offered.

7th Star Wars Pinball VR – 81

A Star Wars table from Star Wars Pinball VR

Star Wars video games are particularly popular at the end of the year, but few beat the cheering fanfare of Star Wars Pinball VR and its unique collection of eight tables to choose from. For Star Wars fans who have nothing but time to spare, Pinball VR is the most complete immersive experience out there.

Critically revered for its lifelike authenticity, great replayability, and a significant upgrade over previous Star Wars pinball titles, the game’s virtual reality dive offers nostalgic fan service as well as cutting edge technology to create a mind-blowing thrill ride.

6th YUKI – 82

Characters float in space in YUKI

Released in July by Arvore Immersive Experiences, YUKI is a relentless rogue-like Bullet Hell VR that was lauded almost everywhere as the first of its kind. In a lively anime setting sprung from a child’s imagination, players are thrown into a hail of bullets in the most exciting way imaginable.

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Aside from the sheer onslaught of violence that keeps players in battle mode, YUKI is known for its superb level designs, really difficult challenges that increase as the game progresses, and fantastic Japanese style boss fights.

5 I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy And The Liar – 82

In I Expect you To Die 2: The Spy and The Liar.  a laser beam hits a food tray

I Expect You To Die 2 was released on PC and PS4 in August and was hailed as a great introduction to VR for beginners who aren’t sure how to use the advanced technology. Funny, charming and addicting game challenges players to act as a spy to defeat the ruthless criminal organization Zoraxis and restore order to the streets.

Acclaimed for its fun script, hysterical drama, and bitingly dark violence, the escape room layout provides a truly claustrophobic environment that comes with thoughtful puzzles that will keep players stuck on the screen for hours.

4th Demo – 83

Top view of the Demeo table in Demeo

Demeo is an excellent virtual reality tabletop RPG that has very few critical critics. Aside from the sheer entertainment of killing dark forces in a cavernous dungeon, the smooth and seamless gameplay allows players to explore for long periods of time without feeling dizzy or sick, one of the biggest drawbacks of VR gaming.

Demeo’s greatest triumph, released on PC in May 2021, is its social VR experience, which allows players to fight malicious hordes with their friends at every turn in the most exciting and straightforward way possible.

3 Subnautica: Below zero – 83

A player looks through underwater POV in Subnautica: Below Zero

It’s difficult to pass on a best-of gaming compilation and not see the hugely popular Subnautica: Below Zero. In fact, the ever-popular game with a VR mod allows players to feel like Jacques Cousteau doing his haunting and enchanting underwater exploration on an alien planet.

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The open-world survival game enables players to make eye-opening discoveries on their own with little guidance and instructions, which gives the lifelike VR element even more shine. The game has been recognized for improving its predecessor’s mechanics, increasing dramatic stakes, and having more hostile enemies.

2 Resident Evil 4 VR – 85

A giant zombie attacks in Resident Evil 4 VR

Always one of the standout titles in first-person survival horror games, Resident Evil 4 VR (Oculus Quest 2) has received rave reviews for its next level immersion and extremely visceral zombie action. It’s a must-have for the RE die-hard who really want to test their skills.

Aside from the amusement of the hyper-engaged first-person perspective, the game has been praised for the kinetic pace and hectic energy it keeps players on their toes. The fusion of classic and innovative game mechanics makes the game appear nostalgic and refreshing at the same time. RE 4 is so influential that it is believed to have inspired games like Dead Space.

1 Microsoft Flight Simulator – 90

Three planes fly over a city in Microsoft Flight Simulator

The best VR game title in 2021 was Microsoft Flight Simulator, which was awarded an official Metacritic “Must Play” seal of approval. With the only 90 metascore of any VR game released this year, the comprehensive simulation is both educational and engaging, allowing players to hone their flying skills with the utmost realism.

Praised for its stunning graphics, thrilling adventure, and great game engine expansion that allows gamers to spend hundreds of hours without getting bored, the stunning 4K resolution will mesmerize gamers, especially on the Xbox Series S where the game will be offered for the first time in July 2021.

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