Supernatural Provides Merch For Its Exercise Athletes

Subscription training program Supernatural now sells clothing accessories and a training mat.

The new items are available now on the Supernatural website, with items like a circular exercise mat to keep you centered in your play area, a water bottle, a towel and various items of clothing.

FitXR also offers merch, and a handful of other VR-based companies have tried to offer physical accessories for their VR experiences. However, as VR practice grows, the ardent user base who mostly spends their time with a single sweaty piece of software could become a pretty popular choice for VR-related merchandise.

We recently had Leanne Pedante, Head of Fitness at Supernatural, in our virtual studio to talk about tips on how to keep up with your workout and the rise of VR-based fitness. They use the term “athlete” to mean anyone who takes the time to focus on their fitness with the app, and some of the merchandise has the word next to the Supernatural logo. In case you are unfamiliar, Supernatural features recordings of real places and fitness trainers to advise you during your routine with a wide variety of music. The app seems to be a pretty big hit with people looking to lose weight and get fit while exercising from home. More than 15,000 people daily share their travel stories on the official Facebook group for the software.

Watch our interview with Pedante in the video below:

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