Sport Studios That Are Main The Manner For VR Health

Behind every great VR fitness game there is an innovative studio. Whether it’s a large team of hundreds or an indie startup with just a few or even a single person, the virtual reality fitness industry is seeing some amazing VR fitness publications that are really helping people of all walks of life with this to get in shape and have fun doing it.


After winning VR Fitness Insider’s – Best VR Fitness Game of the Year 2017 for her great boxing game BOX VR, FitXR has become one of the leading providers of VR fitness games. Fully published in January 2018, BOXVRs The high-intensity VR rhythm boxing workout allows personal playlists to be entered into their system and has evolving phases of play so players keep coming back as they hit balls and see the game’s calorie tracker skyrocket. BOXVR is a great cardio and upper body training game that doesn’t currently have a VR Institute of Health and Exercise rating, but is rated “Intense” by Oculus.

Ian Fitz

Ian Fitz has developed an extremely successful boxing simulator with its release in September 2016 The thrill of the fight. The players beat the boxers of the game in round after round of intense sparring. Straight jabs and combo shots on Luis or one of the boxers will be a great upper body workout, while people who want more freestyle exercises can vent their anger on a workout dummy. This is unlike other VR boxing simulations with a health gauge or stamina bar that The Thrill of the Fight relies on Accuracy and intensity behind these blows to bring competitor fame or a better body. For a Steam Early Access game, The Thrill of the Fight is the only fitness game rated by the VR Institute of Health and Exercise as equal to sprinting, yes sprinting and burning 15 or more calories per minute of workout!

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Best known for their first person shooter Raw data, Survivors just released their heart pump racing game Sprint vector in February 2018. The studio didn’t just make a high quality game and call it a day, it went on! Their development of the arm-swinging, competitive game known as Sprint Vector doesn’t just provide players with arm, shoulder and chest workouts. Players are thrilled to learn the mechanics of the game and compete against each other online. Fit gamers who play Raw data is pleased to see that the VR Institute of Health and Exercise compares it to walking and burning 2-4 calories per minute, while Sprint Vector has an Oculus rating of “Intense.”

Grab games

Based on the movie John Wick, Grab games created John Wick Chronicles, a first-person action shooter. Your next creation, Knockout League Hit Early Access on Steam, and players have been raving about how great it is for training ever since. Released in February 2018, Knockout League is a boxing workout that gives you combined punching, workout with a virtual ex-boxing star, and workout that Rocky Balboa would approve of. This popular VR fitness boxing game is designed to be increasingly challenging (burn those calories!) With 9 different opponents. Knockout League was rated by the VR Institute of Health and Exercise as being as intense as rowing in the gym and burns 8-10 calories per minute!

Maxint LLC

Box to the beat and become a soundboxing beatmap maker with the Maxint LLC, September 2016 edition. Sound boxes Players who want to box beat orbs to their favorite music videos will have tons of fun creating playlists fast or slow enough for their own fitness needs and a workout that they will return to time and time again. Maxint LLC did a great job adding to your own replayability by opening up Beatmap creation to their members and by supporting YouTube videos on their platform. This electrifying VR rhythm boxing game doesn’t have a fitness rating but has helped numerous people, including Job Stauffer, David Scott, and Dusty Fohs lose weight and get fit!

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Bean Boy Games

There are plenty of upper body VR games out there, however Bean Boy Games targets those glutes, quads and hamstrings with their extreme boot-y camp called Hot squats. With unique VR titles like Turner, SYU and Untitled, Bean Boy Games took a different turn with their November 2016 release Hot squats. This fitness VR game takes place in an 80s and 90s gym called Flynn Fitness, where players crouch through obstacles to climb the leaderboard and earn the badonk they’ve always wanted. This studio keeps players coming back when they deserve hits like Rockhard Bottom and the envious Guardian Of The Gym, including some seasonal design updates. The VR Institute for Health and Movement evaluates the deep burning of Hot squats comparable to tennis games, burns 6-8 calories per minute!

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