Right here’s why the Oculus Quest 2 is the last word current to get this Christmas

OPINION: The ongoing chip shortage will make it harder than ever to find all the Christmas gifts you want this year, but if you can find one, I can easily vouch for the Oculus Quest 2 as the ideal gift for everyone to get this Christmas.

Since we all had to endure an existence that is now largely confined to staying at home, and the thought of traveling abroad is still precarious at best, video games have proven to be enormous escape routes that let us grind and forget everyday life slip into the shoes of someone very different from us. For the escapism offered on consoles, however, it is nothing compared to the otherworldly nature of donning an Oculus Quest 2.

Since the headset has to be connected to a PC, the Quest 2 has everything you need to enjoy wireless VR right from the start. Just set up the virtual border around you using the touch controllers that came with the headset and you can enjoy all that the Oculus ecosystem has to offer.

On the gaming front (and for the more adventurous), we recommend adding Resident Evil 4 VR as the first title in your Oculus library. Resident Evil 4, the classic survival horror game that inspired a generation, has taken a whole new perspective by shifting the action from third-person to first-person and making the horrors even more terrifying.

Anyone who previously thought Resident Evil was tense simply waits until he is surrounded by deadly enemies and has to physically reload his weapon with the touch controllers – this is horror on a whole new level. If the thought of being scared to death doesn’t sound too appealing, then don’t worry, the Quest 2 also features low-key games that are both relaxing and easy to learn.

My personal favorite in this regard is Eleven Table Tennis, a simple simulation of the popular miniature game but with exceptionally realistic physics. You will be so drawn to the allure of table tennis that you won’t want to stop chasing rogue balls. Of course, gaming is just one equation of the VR experience – thanks to VR-optimized versions of YouTube, Netflix and Prime Video, there is an infinite amount of content to enjoy.

360-degree travel videos are particularly suitable for taking a trip around the world from the comfort of your living room. Alternatively, watching a gigantic YouTube video can make you feel like you have your own private cinema screen at home.

With the ability to enjoy entertainment and gaming in a whole new way, I can’t think of any other tech product this year that would be a better Christmas present than the Oculus Quest 2. At least when the family dinner starts to get into an awkward conversation advised, you can always put the headset on and pretend you’re on a roller coaster instead. What could be better than that?

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