Resident Evil Four will probably be launched on Oculus Quest 2 this yr

As promised, Oculus had to offer new details for the next VR remaster for Resident Evil 4. When it makes its appearance in Oculus Quest 2 later this year, you’ll be able to resume the classic GameCube in first person.

This means that many of the game systems have been modified to make them more suitable for VR. For example, you can move Leon by pushing the analog stick forward on the Quest 2 touch controllers, or using the teleportation and space features that the armor designer added to the game.

Weapons and items are physical objects in the game world that you can pick up. That said, if you want to tell him your gun, you can grab him by Leon’s holster instead of jumping on the menu.

In addition to making changes in the game, Armature tried to keep the experience similar to that Resident Evil fans know and love. You will see the films in their original format and the studio says they have faithfully recreated the animations and textures in Unreal Engine 4. Oculus and Armature have promised to share more details about the remastering soon.

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