Resident Evil four VR Set up Measurement For Oculus Quest 2 Revealed

Resident Evil 4 is coming to Oculus Quest 2 on October 21st, and you’ll need almost 12GB of available space to install it successfully.

Resident Evil 4 is expected to occupy approximately 7.8 GB of space on Oculus Quest 2 once successfully installed, but you will need 11.51 GB of available space to download and install the app, according to the game’s listing on the Oculus Store .

That’s significantly less than Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond, which is expected to hold the record for the largest Oculus Quest 2 game at 40-45GB when it releases later this year. That’s so big that it barely fits on the entry-level 64GB headset that hit the market in late 2020. Quest 2 system software takes up about 11.3 GB, so about 52.7 GB on the original headset is usable for games and other content. So we’re excited to see if a player who hasn’t stored anything else on their 64GB Quest 2 can get both of Facebook’s biggest exclusive Quest 2 content releases for 2021 installed at the same time?

Facebook now sells 128GB and 256GB models of the Oculus Quest 2 for $ 299 and $ 399, respectively. Later this month, Facebook will host its Connect event to set the next steps for its VR and AR ambitions. We don’t yet know exactly what that means; Facebook has announced important details about its stand-alone VR headsets at Connect over the past few years. While we can reasonably expect major new game announcements to appear on the Quest platform at Connect, the company previously announced that a high-end Quest Pro headset under development will not launch in 2021.

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