Resident Evil four VR Confirms Launch Date for Oculus Quest 2; new particulars

Resident Evil 4 VR is setting its release date next October 21, 2021. The Capcom classic comes to virtual reality with Oculus Quest 2; It will be one of the exclusive offers Facebook created for your device.

What’s new

We heard some news about the transition to this new format through IGN. We know it will have full motion support, although you can also use teleportation to travel between point to point. Additionally, some mechanics have been tweaked to make sense when putting ourselves in Leon’s shoes. All puzzles have been recreated with physical elements that interacting with the motion controllers, even drawing the gun, requires the actual gesture.

However, the video scenes have not experienced any change of perspective. If you jump on one, you will see it like in a kind of cinema screensitting in your dark virtual armchair. In the end, you will continue the action out of the character’s eyes. These changes also occur when you jump out of a window or reach a higher position.

Do you remember the popular typewriters? Now the keyboard has all the physical buttons so that you are the one to write the name of your game. What used to be done with just a few taps on the hand, now you have to do with your own movement.

We learned that he was on his way to virtual reality on April 16th. Only a few days later, as part of the Oculus gaming showcasewhen he showed in detail what they want to achieve with this new edition of the classic. You can see the full gameplay in the header of this message. In this link we will also tell you the seven reasons why you currently have to take the plunge.

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