Quest Day is a day stuffed with free giveaways for Oculus Quest 2 followers

If you are (or want to become) an Oculus Quest 2 owner then you owe it to yourself to attend Meta’s first Quest Day, a made-up holiday for all Quest 2 fans who might be interested in getting something for free get quest swag this holiday season. Quest Day takes place on December 14th, 2021 and all you have to do is follow Oculus on Instagram to participate.

At this point, Meta hasn’t revealed anything specific, but an email sent from “Dr. 6DOF” late last week shows an email correspondence between Reality Labs and “Boss” asking if there are free accessories or creations to give away for fans instead of new hardware drops.

The email contained an odd drawing of a giant Quest 2 over a sketch of a person that later turned out to be the picture you see above. If you go to the Instagram account, it becomes clear that Dr. 6DOF – a name derived from the motion tracking that Quest 2 uses – is quite a crazy guy and he clearly has tons of loot to hand out to anyone attending Quest Day.

While we’re not entirely sure what is being given away, it’s likely that Meta will be handing out some of the best Quest 2 accessories, and maybe even copies of the best Quest 2 games. It would certainly be interesting to see them send someone a giant Quest 2 costume, although everything Meta is shipping this year is only going to people who live in the US for now. According to the teaser page, Quest Day 2022 could open up to additional regions.

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