Pre-order this Oculus Quest 2 refurb bundle and save large off the common worth

If you’ve been looking to invest in the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset recently, you may have encountered some difficulties even finding it in stock. You probably haven’t seen many offers for it either. Well, Amazon has an awesome Oculus Quest 2 bundle coming out next week, and you can pre-order it today for just $249. This is a Refurbished Oculus Quest 2 128GB VR Headset. The new version of the headset costs $299, so you’re already saving $50 there. Also, the package includes a carrying case and a face cover, which help make the headset more convenient and add even more value to the package. The bundle won’t be released until February 1st, but you should get it fast after that, and if you order now you’re guaranteed to get it at this price as it could skyrocket after release if there’s a lot of demand.

Oculus Quest 2 Pack

Oculus Quest 2 Bundle renewed | Pre-order now

The bundle includes a refurbished 128GB Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, carrying case, and headband, all for less than the cost of the headset itself.

$249 at Amazon

Amazon has long sold refurbished products, but this listing is the start of something new called Renewed Premium. This is more than just a renovation. Amazon promises the VR headset will work and look like new. It even comes with a brand new battery and packaging. It’s even backed by a one-year warranty, which is huge considering Amazon’s regular overhauls are only covered by a 90-day warranty.

If you’ve ever wanted to get into virtual reality, Oculus Quest 2 is the way to go. For one, it’s a standalone VR headset, so you don’t need a fancy computer to run it if you don’t want to. You still have full access to the Oculus content library and can play games without being tethered to a computer anywhere. Of course you can connect to a PC if you want a little more power behind your system (and access to more content like the SteamVR library).

The headset has its own super-fast processor and high-resolution display, which greatly improves on the original generation headset. They also still have backwards compatibility, so if you want to play a game from the original generation, you can. You can also show tons of entertainment and custom workouts and stuff like that, so it’s not just about video games.

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