PlutoSphere goals to make VR streaming accessible by way of Oculus Quest 2

The world of virtual reality remains a tough nut to crack. For the best experience, you need to invest in a good VR headset, as well as a well-equipped gaming rig to power it all. Such setups don’t come cheap, and while innovations have been made in terms of VR body tracking, there is still room for better access to this area of ​​gaming. Step into PlutoSphere, a company working to bring PC VR streaming to the cheaper Oculus Quest 2.

In principle, you can do without a PC and still use the advantages of PlutoSphere and VR streaming. It can be pretty confusing, but this isn’t wireless streaming from your PC to the VR headset. Instead, games are rendered by servers and streamed directly into Oculus Quest 2.

The process is pretty straightforward. PlutoSphere accesses your own game library and transfers it directly from the cloud to the Oculus Quest 2 headset. No wonder that the platform is operated with the CloudXR SDK from Nvidia. The experience is akin to owning a beefy gaming PC without having to spend a ton of money on an initial investment.

An exhilarating future

Most of the VR offerings for Steam and Epic Games Store already come from PlutoSphere. This ensures that users have unrestricted access to an already large library of games designed for headsets such as the Valve Index, the HTC Vive and of course the Oculus series headsets.

However, you still have to meet certain requirements for the setup to work. Your internet connection must be stable at 50 Mbit / s and coupled to a 5 GHz WiFi 6 router for it to work as intended.

The promise of what PlutoSphere can bring in terms of VR streaming is definitely exciting. However, the performance must match accordingly. If it turns out great, it will remove the obstacles to VR gaming, especially when paired with the relatively affordable Oculus Quest 2.

If everything goes according to plan, PlutoSphere will extend the service to other devices such as Microsoft HoloLens and even cell phones.

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