One of the best VR video games and apps that make figuring out enjoyable

Like Peloton for VR, Supernatural brings the gym experience home with classes that feature real-life trainers with personalities (is that Tiffany Haddish?!) Unlike Peloton, it then transports those workouts into the wildest, most gorgeous photorealistic settings, from serene Scottish hilltops to the moon. Offering one of the most complete, traditional full-body workout routines, there are four main exercise categories: flow (rhythmic squats and arm swings), boxing (with a focus on proper form), stretching, and meditation. There’s an expansive library with routines for each category set to the beat of popular music, and a wide range of workout lengths with three intensity levels (low, medium, high). While they aren’t live recordings like Peloton classes, there’s more aliveness to Supernatural than similar titles like FitXR, which uses digital avatar trainers. The mo-capped trainers get a bit cheesy, but their encouragement and connection did compel me to keep going and coming back. What sets Supernatural apart the most, though, is its mind-body approach to fitness, and not from the inclusion of meditation. Their week-long programs incorporate rest days, and the coaches care about putting you in the best headspace as much as the right form by avoiding all toxic diet culture language. While well suited for all levels, beginners will especially appreciate the guidance of long-term programs geared toward steadily ramping up to high-intensity training.

Platforms: Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Gear VR

IRL exercise equivalent: Cardio and full-body workout, from high to low intensity.

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