Oculus Quest replace provides health tracker app, and Quest 2 will get 90Hz video games

Oculus Move is a fitness tracking app that lets you see how much you’ve exercised in VR.


Facebook’s Oculus Quest VR platform has added more updates over the past year and a half, but the latest could make it a full-fledged training ecosystem for the winter. The Oculus Quest 2 Also receiving visual upgrades to support 90 Hz refresh rates in games and for PC use. It’s all part of a software update announced today.

Oculus Move, a new fitness dashboard that tracks movement and estimated calories burned across multiple VR training apps, will be rolled out next week as part of a software update for Quest and Quest 2. Move was announced at the Facebook Connect virtual conference earlier this fall during the launch of Quest 2.

Oculus Quest 2

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The latest software update will also unlock smoother 90Hz VR support in Quest 2 for games that want to take advantage of these benefits. The first games with updates according to Facebook are Superhot, Echo VR, Beat Saber, Vacation Simulator, Job Simulator, Racket: Nx and Space Pirate Trainer.

90 Hz VR is the standard for PC VR, and Quest and Quest 2 can already be used as PC VR headsets with a USB-C cable. This PC-related function called Oculus Link is also supported on Quest 2 with 90 Hz.

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