Oculus Quest 2’s new 128GB model will nonetheless be $299

The base model of the Oculus Quest 2 will be multiplied by two this month. The former Quest 2 base model with 64 GB of storage space is being discontinued and replaced by a 128 GB version, as we had already heard. The good news is that Oculus will be selling the new base unit for the same $ 299 price as they announced.

Oculus made a brief announcement today about the upcoming 128GB version and also confirmed that it will replace the previous 64GB version. The Quest 2 doesn’t have expandable storage space, so a model with more internal storage is the only way out if you need more space.

It seems like a pretty decent new deal for anyone considering getting their first VR headset. Katharine praised the first run of the new headset in her Oculus Quest 2 review, calling it a great introduction to VR even with the original 64GB of storage.

“While the Valve Index is still the pinnacle of PC-based VR headsets, in Half-Life: Alyx it offers a far sharper and smoother image and a wider field of view than the Quest 2 (if only because of the USB Cable), the Quest 2 is still an excellent headset for playing the best of VR games on PC, and its lighter, more ergonomic design on Oculus’s new headset means it’s much more comfortable to wear while doing so, ”says they.

Just recently, Oculus stopped selling the Quest 2 as part of a recall due to skin irritation. They offer a free silicone cover for the foam faceplate. You can check the details on how to redeem one for yourself on their website.

The new 128GB version of Oculus Quest 2 will go on sale for £ 299 / $ 299 when it goes on sale on August 24th.

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