Oculus Quest 2’s base storage to be doubled to 128GB

The Oculus Quest 2 quickly became one of the most popular VR headsets after its release late last year thanks to its solid hardware and relatively cheap price. One of the system’s few downsides was its base memory, which was only 64GB. Now it seems like Oculus and Facebook are doubling that storage on the low end to make bigger and better games possible.

Although not officially confirmed, new marketing material has been leaked for the Oculus Quest 2, suggesting the current 64GB model of the VR headset will be replaced with a 128GB model – meaning potential buyers will soon be between 128 GB and can choose 256 GB.

Currently, the 64GB variant costs £ 299 while the 256GB model costs £ 399. According to insiders, this new 128GB model will replace the 64GB variant and will still cost just £ 299 for it – which makes the already good value for money even better.

Of course, Oculus has suffered a number of controversies lately as its owners (Facebook) become more and more embedding themselves into the ecosystem, serve ads right inside games, require a Facebook account, and more. For those who aren’t bothered by Facebook’s tactics, however, the Oculus Quest 2 represents one of the best deals in VR right now – and with this latest change, it’s only got more valuable.

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