Oculus Quest 2 will quickly help wi-fi VR play on PC

From Dom Peppiatt
April 14, 2021 10:51 AM GMT

Oculus has announced that its flagship Oculus Quest 2 The headset supports wireless PC streaming and a refresh rate of 120 Hz, thanks to a new update that will be released soon.

According to an announcement on the Oculus site, the headset will soon receive a series of upgrades that will allow you to use it without a connection from your PC – which means you can enjoy virtual reality unconditionally, so to speak.

Previously, it was only possible to play games wirelessly with an Oculus Quest 2 if they were installed natively on the device. However, when this new update is released, you can opt for an experimental new feature called Air Link, which the company describes as “a completely wireless way to play PC VR content on Quest 2 over WiFi.”

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Oculus expects the update to be released sometime in April, and once it does, you’ll have to toggle some settings manually in order to enable Air Link.

Just go to Settings and look for the Beta tab where you will find the Experimental section. You can then play PC VR games wirelessly. To make sure everything is running smoothly, you will need a high-end router to boot that has a wired connection to your PC and is located near your router.

“We will work to improve Air Link over time, including performance, visual quality, and the ability to run in less than ideal wireless scenarios,” says Oculus.

The update also updates Infinite Office – a new experience that Oculus has integrated with Oculus Home that enables you to work in a virtual office environment. Ideal when you need to get away from the distractions of the real world and get serious work done. In the v28 update, Infinite Office will allow you to add a virtual desk where your real desk is, so you can sit and work in VR without taking off your headset to orientate yourself.

Our own Tom Orry is a huge fan of the Oculus Quest 2 and recommended the headset to gamers looking to experience a real next-generation wow.

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