Oculus Quest 2 Replace Reduces VR Illness: Learn how to Set Up Air Hyperlink

Oculus is excited to introduce a new feature that will prevent cables from tangling on your feet, reduce the iconic VR disease experience, and improve overall gaming performance! With the Air Link function, you can now run your VR titles from your PC without any cable connections!

As of last month, Gamereactor found that Oculus had experimented with the wireless gaming experience and improved gameplay to up to 120Hz refresh rate. However, Oculus has never announced a date for these features to go live. In the past few days, Oculus’ latest v29 update has caused a big surprise with the Oculus Quest 2 wireless connection called Air Link.

The Oculus Quest 2 update

Oculus officially launched its wireless Air Link feature on April 13th. The Air Link feature is still on the Experimental Features tab. However, Reddit users have commented that it “works well” when you have the right gaming computer to run its systems.

The update also offers refresh rates of 120 Hz. This is a big deal, especially for people with VR sickness. A higher refresh rate means smoother visual performance and a better immersive experience. Objectively speaking, 120 Hz should greatly reduce the symptoms of eye strain experienced in humans due to VR illness. However, this does not always apply to all players.

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How to set up Air Link

There are a few steps involved in setting up your wireless gaming experience. First of all, you will need an Oculus Quest 2 device as Quest 1 is unfortunately not compatible with Air Link. Next, you need to load your computer and the game library that you want to play. Finally, make sure your computer can run the Air Link.

YouTuber Virtual Reality Oasis recommends using a processor like Intel i5 4590, AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or higher. You also need at least 8 GB of free RAM and a USB port. Finally, your computer must be running Windows 10.

The setup is done in two main steps. The connection between your Oculus Quest 2 and the PC and the optimization of the system performance of your Oculus Quest 2

First, you need to download the Oculus app and open it on your computer. Select the “Oculus Quest 2” option in the “Devices” bar. Also go to the Beta tab. Scroll down and toggle the “Air Link” connection. You’ll have to repeat this process every time you turn on your PC.

Now you should customize your Oculus Quest 2. Go to “Graphics Settings”. Change the Refresh Rate option by dragging the bar to 120 Hz. Click OK to confirm. These should bring your favorite games to a higher and smoother performance. However, there are some cases when the computer quickly depletes the battery for processing. If your PC is having trouble loading the graphics, you’d better turn it down.

One final note: your Oculus gaming experience is greatly influenced by your Internet connection. It is recommended to pair it with a 5G WiFi connection for the best performance.

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