Oculus Quest 2 on sale at Walmart for $199

If you want to step into virtual reality, you really don’t have to make a decision: just get an Oculus Quest 2. This chic headset is easy to use, has a fantastic library of games and apps, and is relatively inexpensive. And if you haven’t decided when to buy, you can now get our favorite VR headset at the lowest price ever – as long as you can live with a few reservations.

Walmart is now offering a refurbished Oculus Quest 2 for $ 199, which is a whopping $ 100 off the headset’s typical starting price ($ 299) and the lowest price we’ve ever seen this mega-popular device at .

Our favorite VR headset

The Oculus Quest 2 is our most popular VR headset thanks to its ease of use and great software, and this refurbished offering brings it down to its lowest price yet.

“Refurbished” means you are receiving a model that has previously been used by someone else but has been cleaned to perform as if it were fresh out of the box. According to Walmart’s website, the company’s certified refurbished products are “functionally tested and checked to look like new.” We wouldn’t blame you for being careful about wearing a VR headset that has been on someone’s face before, but this special offer includes a free 30-day return window in case you’re using the, what you receive are not satisfied.

The other notable caveat is that you get an older model with 64GB of onboard storage that has since been ditched in favor of the current $ 299 starting model with 128GB of storage. That means you’ll only have half the storage space to download games and apps, although deleting and re-downloading software is pretty easy as you would on the Quest 2.

If this isn’t a bargain for you, this is an incredibly low price for what is by far the best VR headset you can buy. The Quest 2 is a true all-in-one VR headset, meaning you don’t have to plug it into an expensive gaming PC or set up sensors in your living room for it to work properly. You can use it for seated VR experiences or set up a virtual boundary to turn any space into an open virtual reality space where you can move around freely. The included touch controllers are responsive to all kinds of motion controls, and it has a pretty impressive array of onboard speakers too.

But what really makes the Quest 2 shine is the software. This headset gives you access to some of the best games you can find on any platform, whether you want to challenge your rhythm skills in Beat Saber or channel your inner John Wick in the slo-mo shooting action of Superhot. The Quest 2 also features immersive new take on the classics, from the trippy vibes of Tetris Effect to the first-person singers of Resident Evil 4. And if you have a powerful PC, you can get an Oculus for $ 59 Connect the cable to play high-end titles like Half-Life: Alyx and Star Wars: Squadrons on your computer.

And unlike a traditional game console, the Quest 2 gets you moving. Fitness games like Supernatural and FitXR make working out like a fun arcade game, even for people like me who usually hate working out. When you want to cool off, the headset also has tons of entertainment apps that allow you to watch YouTube or Netflix in a personal cinema or sit in the front row at a live concert without leaving your couch.

Whether it’s your first time getting into VR or looking to earn some serious brownie points for someone on your Christmas shopping list, we really can’t recommend the Quest 2 enough. This $ 199 Walmart deal is the best price you’ll likely see for the headset in a very long time, and if you don’t mind getting renovated and living with less internal storage, grab it as long as you can.

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