Oculus Quest 2 Leaked to Have a ‘Physique Monitoring Help’ Choice | Here is What it Does

Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 remains one of the most preferred VR headsets for gaming. Apparently, it can only detect head and hand movements but users want to extend its capability.

According to the latest leak, the VR wearable might introduce an option to add “body tracking support.” This means that users can now use a more advanced tracking feature that will cover the rest of their bodies.

Screenshot of Body Tracking Support Option For Oculus

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Upload VR first spotted documentation on Meta’s VR wearable which might soon arrive with an interesting feature. To note, the body tracking support option remains unannounced so this means that Meta has not yet disclosed details about this feature.

Back in 2019, Meta first started testing the ability to track hands movements in Oculus Quest. Nearly three years later, we might be already on the verge of seeing an improved body tracking feature for a more advanced Oculus Quest 2.

If this feature is added at the present day, there might be some problems for tracking the whole-body movements. Starting from Quest 2’s downward-facing cameras, the field of vision is limited since it could only view the front portion of the legs and torso when the cameras focus on the low part.

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Oculus Quest Pro Hybrid Headset

In another report by Tech Radar, there’s also a chance that we can see this body tracking support if Meta will push through with the Oculus Quest Pro or the Project Cambria. This AR-VR hybrid headset is reportedly coming out this year, according to the tech giant.

The leak did not mention the specific devices that can adopt this feature. However, it’s a great initiative to know that it might soon land on the available Oculus devices.

Most importantly, those people who regularly use apps for maintaining a healthy and fit body would benefit hugely from this feature.

Since VR platforms immerse users into a more interactive environment, they could take advantage of body tracking to accurately track their motions done in the VR world.

In another report by PCGamesN, the majority of Steam-based players preferred Meta’s headset over other brands, according to the hardware survey conducted by the gaming platform.

Apple Magic Keyboard on Oculus Quest 2

Last month, Tech Times reported that Oculus Quest 2 released a new update for the version 37 patch. According to the article, Meta has added Apple Magic Keyboard support at that time.

The virtual keyboard features precise typing support where users will no longer remove the headset while using it. You can now type in 3D space through your virtual hands.

In addition, the Oculus Mobile application can also let you share media straight from your smartphone. This would allow you to access the seamless content transferring of the wearable tech.

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