Oculus Quest 2 is inflicting pores and skin irritation akin to bumps and swelling for some customers

As a popular product this holiday season, the Oculus Quest 2 headset appears to be causing skin irritation issues in a small number of users.

According to Oculus, approximately 0.01% of Oculus Quest 2 users have reported skin-related symptoms such as bumps, puffiness, and redness when using the virtual reality headset. Despite the small number of reports, Oculus wanted to share the information “out of caution”.

Oculus believes the irritation could be caused by “substances introduced during the manufacturing process or reactions between materials in the headset and cosmetics or skin care products”. It was stressed that experts told them that it was not caused by any allergic reaction, however, and that changes had already been made to the Quest 2 manufacturing process for a dress of this problem.

Oculus posted an explanation on its corporate blog on how to fix the problem and that the problem that some users are experiencing should be fixed themselves. However, it has been acknowledged that this issue does not meet high standards for customer experience.

“We have received reports of skin irritation from around 0.01% of Quest 2 users occurring where the foam portion of the Quest 2 headset rests on their face,” Oculus said. “The vast majority of cases are and should be mild.” This does not meet our high standards for customer experience. “

The Oculus statement further clarifies that the reports will be taken seriously and that it will work with experts to determine why some users are reacting to the foam portion of the device.

“We are studying these reports and working with dermatology and toxicology experts to better understand the nature of the irritation. These experts have advised us that this irritation is not an allergic reaction or a serious medical condition and should go away on its own. However, out of caution, we are passing on more information about this. “

If you’ve irritated or reacted to the headset’s foam, Oculus is also preparing a program to allow users to swap out the face pillow, or “foam interface” as the company calls it. The company will post more information on the Oculus website once the exchange program is ready. You can also contact customer service.

Save face

While the introduction of virtual reality has been a bit sporadic, the Oculus Quest 2 has proven to be an extremely desirable product in recent months. The wireless nature and affordable price tag have helped overcome many of the barriers that have kept VR from reaching the mainstream, despite the fact that the Oculus Quest 2 has come under fire for requiring users to link a Facebook account.

While VR can still cause some slight motion sickness, the fact that the headset can potentially cause various skin irritations is an issue for Oculus. Thankfully, the Facebook-owned company seems to be taking the problem seriously and will be fixing the problem asap.

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