Oculus Quest 2 is Getting Multi-Consumer Accounts and App Sharing Subsequent Month – Highway to VR

Facebook announced that long-awaited multi-user account support and device-specific app sharing will target Oculus Quest 2 starting next month.

The company states in a developer blog post that the upcoming Multi-User feature will allow you to add up to three secondary accounts to a single device. With app sharing, primary account holders can also share their app library between these secondary local profiles. With shared apps, users can maintain separate game progress and their own profile-specific achievements.

Multi-user accounts and app sharing will land on Oculus Quest 2 as experimental features first in February and then on the original Quest 2019 at an unspecified later date. Like all new Oculus users, all secondary users must sign in to Facebook on one device.

The company says the upcoming app sharing feature will also allow a primary account holder to share apps with three other devices at some point in the future. It is reportedly aimed at households with more than one Oculus headset, but Facebook hasn’t said how to enforce this.

In addition, secondary account holders can purchase their own apps and content on a shared device, but cannot share them with anyone. Only primary account holders can share between their secondary device profiles.

The company says its new features “will help grow and grow the VR community [Oculus Store] Apps and help prevent piracy. “It is also said that it increases household usage and creates” better engagement with the developer over the long term “.

App sharing must be enabled for all new apps submitted to the Oculus Store after February 13th. Developers who published before this date can turn off app sharing. However, you must do this before February 12, otherwise it will be applied automatically.

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