Oculus Quest 2 ‘House Sense’ Guardian Function Discovered In v32

Twitter user Basti564 found updated graphics and settings options for the Guardian Intrusion Detection interface, which was first found in March and is now known as Space Sense.

Basti564 posted a video on Twitter showing new graphics and an explanatory video within the quest that runs on v32. We also got the graphics. In Settings, under Device, we see “Space Sense” – a currently dormant feature that shows an outline of people and objects moving in front of you while you are using a space scale boundary.

Guardian Intrusion Detection has been replaced by Space Sense in the v32 Oculus Quest update pic.twitter.com/2pNHrptX8P

– Bastian 😀 (@ Basti564) September 11, 2021

The function and the menus shown above are not natively accessible for Quest users under v32. However, UploadVR was able to test the adb commands to bring up the menu on a Quest 2 and enable the function. The menus seem to be just a placeholder for the time being – in our tests the function did not work even after it was activated via the hidden menu.

Here is a transcription of the text from the dialog box:

Activate Space Sense to see the outlines of people and things within your room scale boundary. Knowing what is happening around you during the VR environment can keep you and others safe.

You can see outlines up to eight feet away, while they’re still within your confines and right in front of your headset. You can deactivate this function at any time in the settings.

Basti564 has also posted a clear recording of the new explanation animation, which shows a Beat Saber player being alerted by a ghostly image that someone is entering their play area and walking across the player’s field of vision. It also shows a user who can see visualizations of objects in their play area. The quest can currently detect objects during the guard setup, but this feature looks like it will be visualized during regular use.

Evidence of this guardian intrusion function was first found by Basti564 in March. At the time, it had graphics in the style of the older Quest UI and there were indications that it had been dormant in the Quest since v20.

While it’s still unclear whether the feature will be released anytime soon, the updated Space Sense name and newer Quest 2-style animated instructional clips suggest that the feature may still be actively worked on. Last but not least, the graphics look more polished than before and the inclusion of a settings menu in which you can adjust the sensitivity of the function bodes well.

Would you use this Guardian Burglary feature when it came to Quest? Let us know in the comments.

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