Oculus Quest 2 headsets will not want Fb logins sooner or later

VR fans will soon no longer need a Facebook account to use Oculus Quest 2 headsets.

The news came when Facebook – the parent company of the social media platform of the same name and owner of Oculus – officially renamed itself Meta at this year’s Facebook Connect event as it focuses on moving from a social media company to one To develop “metaverse” companies.

With both VR and AR being key components that will bring about this reality, the company wants to turn the way it operates VR on its head. During the Connect livestream yesterday (Oct. 28), Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company is “working to make it so that you can log into Quest using an account other than your personal Facebook account,” and added that tests will be conducted on selected accounts shortly before full implementation begins “within the next year”.

It has also been announced that the Oculus Quest headsets will also be renamed Meta Quest, with CTO Andrew Bosworth confirming that the Oculus branding will be phased out.

Eye Quest 2. Credit: Oculus

Although it was introduced as a wireless and accessible VR headset, one of the most divisive aspects of Oculus Quest 2 was the requirement of a Facebook account in order to log in. That didn’t stop a 17-year-old hacker from developing software that Facebook can remove from the headset, albeit with significant loss of functionality.

The problem of depending on Facebook sign-in to use Oculus Quest 2 also came to a head after a Facebook outage earlier this month that lasted six hours and temporarily turned the £ 300 headset into a paperweight since Users were unable to access their VR games.

The outage also affected the company’s other services, including Instagram and WhatsApp, as these also rely on Facebook’s servers.

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