Oculus Quest 2 gross sales halted over pores and skin irritation — makes means for upgraded VR headset

Oculus is introducing an all-new silicone face cover for its widely used Quest 2 after reports were received that some VR headset owners were experiencing skin irritation. While the company is currently on pause, the Quest 2 will return with a major upgrade.

The Facebook-owned VR company announced that Quest 2 owners or those who own a Fit Pack will receive a free silicone case that fits over the VR headset’s current foam facial interface – all to prevent further cases of skin irritation avoid. In addition, Oculus will launch a new 128GB Quest 2 with a silicone case once sales resume on August 24th.

One of Laptop Mag’s employees, Sean Riley, received a notice from Oculus describing the Quest 2’s voluntary recall of the Quest 2’s detachable foam face interface. Oculus also sent owners a silicone case order form to receive the new case.

(Photo credit: Facebook)

Oculus has currently suspended all Quest 2 headset sales worldwide in an effort to work on adding the new silicone cases to all packages. Research into the skin irritation began back in December 2020, with the company saying “a very small percentage of Quest 2 customers” had the problem.

Sales are expected to resume on August 24th, and it’s good news for those who haven’t purchased a Quest 2 yet. Oculus will be unveiling its 128GB VR headset, which will permanently replace the current 64GB model, and it will be priced at the same $ 299 point.

“The team and I are committed to ensuring the quality of our products and the continuous support and success of our developer community, with your safety and comfort being our top priority. The free silicone case is part of this commitment, ”said Facebook boss Reality Labs, Andrew Bosworth.

For those thinking of getting an Oculus Quest 2, it’s worth waiting until August for the improved storage and additional silicone face cover at no additional cost. Facebook is frequently updating its VR headset, and recently adding PC VR wireless gaming support and native 120Hz.

The Quest 2 is a hit for good reason as it can get you training and even provide the ultimate adrenaline rush.

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