Oculus Quest 2: Find out how to Play PC Video games and Set Up a Wired Connection

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The Oculus Quest 2 is a standalone headset, but it can also function by connecting it to a PC for a full virtual reality experience.

The process is quick and easy. It works over a wired connection, and it can be wireless too. You also have full access to numerous PC VR games and Steam VR.

Oculus Quest: What You Need

In order to play PC VR games with your Oculus Quest 2, you will need a few things. You need your Oculus Quest, a VR-enabled PC, a USB 2.0 cable with a USB-C port for a wired connection. Oculus has an official link cable if you need it.

If your PC does not have USB-C ports, the Anker PowerLine USB-A to USB-C cable is recommended beforehand, according to HowtoGeek.

A router connected to the VR PC via Ethernet and Oculus Quest software for Windows are also required.

The USB cable should be long enough to use and give you the VR experience you want. You can also check out as many Oculus games as you want using VR, as Oculus Quest is releasing more games.

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If you want to play either sitting or standing, you can use a shorter cable than a room-sized cable.
You can use a 16-foot USB cable, which The Verge says is great for VR games that require you to move around.

Prepare the guardian

Before connecting your Quest, you must first set up the PC’s play area. You can do this in standalone mode according to Tom’s Guide.

If you start your quest in a field that does not have limit information stored, you will be prompted to create one. Place it in the area where you want to play your game.

You can either confirm that there is a limit or create a new one if necessary. This is a similar limit that you can use on your PC.

Set up a wired connection

If this is your first time using your Quest with a PC, there are a few steps to follow. If you’ve set up your Quest as a standalone headset, you can only use Quest to edit the PC VR process.

The first thing you need to do is download the Oculus software for Windows. It’s an installer called OculusSetup.exe.

Then run the installation program and just follow the instructions of the guided installation. It may take some time to download the 5 GB of data that the application needs.

During the installation you will be asked to create your account or sign in. For Quest 2 users, you must have a Facebook account linked to your Oculus account.

A linked Facebook account will become mandatory for original Quest users unless changes are announced. Oculus Quest 2 supports Facebook Messenger, so you can give it a try too.

Once you have logged into the application, you can set up your Quest for PC VR. Select Devices, then click Add Headset. Choose your headset model.

Next, choose the connection method. For a wired connection, select “Link Cable”. Plug one end of your cable into the PC and the other end into your Quest. For a USB 3 port you have to couple it with a USB 3 cable.

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