Oculus Quest 2 does not want a wire to play on PCs anymore

Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 is the best value for VR thanks to the hardware that doesn’t require a powerful PC or cable.

But it’s not powerful enough to deliver the best VR experiences. A software update could easily fix this problem.

The new Oculus update for version 28 offers a number of new functions. But the most important one is Air Link, which is available in the experimental mode of the headset. For those who don’t know, the Quest 2 isn’t designed for really horsepower-intensive experiences like Half-Life Alyx.

The only way to play these games on a Quest 2 is to connect it to a PC using a $ 80 patch cord accessory. Air Link allows you to stream VR experiences wirelessly directly between a PC and a Quest 2 over a WiFi connection.

Air Link isn’t a finished product yet, so it may not be a flawless experience, especially for users with an overloaded WiFi connection. Users must go to the beta section of the settings menu in the Oculus PC app as well as the experimental section of the headset’s settings menu to turn it on. Oculus warned that things like visual fidelity could suffer when compared to a hardwired connection, but the fact that a Quest 2 can now even be wirelessly connected to a PC could be a godsend for those with the appropriate hardware.

The v28 update also offers 120 Hz support, which is activated by toggling in the experimental part of the settings menu. This increases the Quest 2 display’s native refresh rate, which is 90 Hz by default. There aren’t any apps or games that run at 120 Hz yet. However, if they do, they will run at that speed after enabling this feature.

With v28 Quest users can integrate their real desks and compatible computer keyboards into the VR home environment. For desks, you scan them with the controller the same way you scan your play area during device setup so it appears in VR when you need it for web browsing or other work. The same goes for the Logitech K830 keyboard, which appears virtually after you’ve paired it with the device. Unfortunately, this is the only keyboard that currently works with this feature.

Even if you never plan on using the desk and keyboard integration, Air Link could be a game changer for those who rightly despise using a VR headset with a big, chunky cord. Increasing the refresh rate is a minor (but still potentially large) affair, as smoothness is important to immersing yourself in VR.

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