Oculus Quest 2 Disappeared From Amazon All Over Europe

Oculus Quest 2’s list has disappeared on Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Spain, Amazon Italy and others.

If you’ve been looking for the product in a European Amazon store over the weekend, you’ll find few unofficial accessories. The official Facebook offers for the headset have been gone since the end of last week. The site is back in the UK until Monday 17th May, but without the pictures, price, description or ratings. If, at the time of this writing, you bought a Quest 2 from any of these Amazon stores, clicking on your order history will take you to a blank page.

The listing is still on the US Amazon.com website with no noticeable changes.

Why is that happend? We don’t know for sure, we reached out to Facebook to ask if this was a deliberate decision, an action by Amazon, or related to regulatory concerns. We heard from a Facebook representative on May 17 that Amazon was “fixing the problem and the pages will be available soon”. Some people on Reddit noticed the pages were gone and we’ve been checking for comments from Facebook since late last week. Amazon is currently one of the largest distribution channels for VR’s best-selling headset. So we wanted to make sure we were aware of the situation for our readers who were curious about what was happening.

Quest 2 was never listed on Amazon Germany, likely due to regulatory concerns about the requirement for a Facebook account and the impact on data sharing.

We will update this post when the list for the affected countries reappears.

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