Oculus Quest 2 Bought Out Via The Finish Of 2020

If you are in the US and have tried to get your hands on Oculus Quest 2, you will likely have to wait until 2021.

The standalone headset won’t be available until January if you buy it on Amazon or Facebook’s own Oculus website. The $ 299 device is also sold out at Best Buy. From Saturday evening, you can order the device for delivery before Christmas via the Walmarts app. However, it is supplied by a third party that charges $ 160 above what Facebook is asking for.

While it’s possible the headset could be found elsewhere, Facebook’s own website is usually a pretty good indication of total supply and demand for the device. As of this writing, Facebook is warning on its website that new orders for the 64GB ($ 299) or 256GB ($ 399) version of Quest 2 are expected to ship on January 11, 2021.

Last year, the original Quest was similarly sold out.

Some newbies looking for Quest 2 might be confused by the last few days of Rift S. The latter PC headset recently dropped to $ 299 as Facebook clears inventory before pulling it completely off the shelves. While both headsets are “Oculus” VR devices, Oculus Quest 2 represents the future of Facebook’s VR efforts and works wirelessly as an all-in-one experience. To be clear to confused people out there, we can’t recommend anyone buy an Oculus Rift S for several reasons. However, we can say that Quest 2 is the new king of VR as long as you have nothing against Facebook.

For those of you still looking for Quest 2, there is a Chrome extension you can install to find out when the device is back in stock at the suggested retail price.

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