Oculus Quest 2 assessment – feedback


  • Anonymous
  • XPi
  • 17th November 2020

I can’t wait to get it! I’m very excited and can’t wait to try out the Battlefield 3 gameplay with it. #virtualvisualfield


VR headset seems like a cool device, but I can’t seem to find any people demonstrating awesome games that I would love to play in VR. Maybe alyx half-life, but that’s about it.
I talk at length on a headset … well, not my business.


Hardware wasn’t and is not the main problem, it’s the lack of killer apps to make this stuff shine.


It’s never about the technology that makes video game products successful or not, it’s about the number of games, the exclusivity of the games, and the quality of the games. If this is lacking, it is doomed to fail. Are there a lot of killer apps games? for oculus quest 2? Games that have quality and showcase the system above the competition, I can’t see many other than Half Life VR games, but time will tell if this ends up like Apple Pippin, 3do, Wii U or Dreamcast


Anonymous, November 16, 2020You must live in China …Why ? Because I don’t want to have an account on these completely useless websites that have the worse track record of privacy and other personal data respect and even have experimented with users?

Well, no, I live in Europe, I just don’t need this thing and Quest 2 is not going to be a justification for getting it anytime soon.


  • Anonymous
  • 0cL
  • November 16, 2020

Demongornot, November 15, 2020As good as it is, I’m not going to stick this with a 3m stick. I don’t have any personal … anymoreYou must live in China …


Anonymous, November 15, 2020$ 299 Well … € 500 here in Europe. lol.In Europe it is 349 euros.


  • Anonymous
  • JyX
  • November 15, 2020

$ 299
Well … € 500 here in Europe. lol.


This is not a hypothetical comment like most will do in this comment section, it is from someone who owns both the Lenovo Explorer and the Quest 2.

I’ve been using my Lenovo for a few years and always wanted more, but WMR technology seems to have almost completely stopped. The really thick and fairly short cable took away a lot of the experience. The controllers apparently have a battery life of around 2 hours. I always have batteries ready to plug in. There are many glitches that cause the bluetooth controllers to lose track from time to time. No fun in a fast-paced game. After about 2 weeks with the Quest 2, it is fair to say that the Lenovo will be back in the box.

The elephant in the room is Facebook. You need a Facebook account to use the app. You need a credit card to unlock the developer options. You haven’t run ads or sold your experience and real (not virtual) space, but it is likely something planned.

The Lenovo seems to have a higher horizontal field of view, as mentioned earlier, but I think the same goes for the vertical field of view.

Setting up the playing field on the Quest 2 is a joy compared to the cumbersome WMR setup. It can also remember it better. Can follow pretty well in less light while WMR takes a ton [non-flickering] Light.

Controller tracking may only be possible in the visual realm, but in my experience it’s much better on the Quest2 than on the WMR. I have often lost the controllers in games where you had to reach for your backpack. This almost never happened when searching.

The speakers may look silly and small, but at least to me they sound great.

Everyone seems to be mentioning Virtual Desktop, but nobody is mentioning the free, open source solution ALVR. It works very well, wirelessly, has a ton of configuration options to tweak it. Since the PC doesn’t have to decode the WMR playing field (which requires a TON of processing), you may now be able to get more FPS out of a game.

As an all-in-one solution, you can take them with you and demonstrate them wherever you go. You can even use it outside. It replaces the need for a large 3D TV as you can now watch 2D or 3D movies on a large virtual screen with good sound. Works MUCH better than shutter glasses.

To anyone with a complaint about the 2-3 hour battery life, have you used one? How many hours do you stay in VR in a session? A secondary battery is a must, attached to the back strap, but mostly for balance, not battery life.
To people complaining about the SoC – did you use one?
To people complaining about the price – did you use one? Compare it to what?


As good as it is, I’m not going to stick this with a 3m stick.
I don’t have a personal Facebook account and I clearly don’t intend to have one, especially given the fact that people who had a legitimate Facebook account have been banned for no reason and have completely lost the ability to use their headsets. ..

There is also a better alternative for PC headsets, the DecaGear 1, have a look!


  • Anonymous
  • PZa
  • November 15, 2020

It can’t be helped, but when you play VR games you still look stupid.


NotAnOpinion, November 15, 2020After so many years this thing still looks massively awkward / ugly, 2 hours on a single charge … moreWhat Apple is going to do is create an average product and then overwrite it. Wait until the day they enter the foldable phone markets. Will have the latest A-Bionic chips etc but will be average


Facebook: All of your bases are ours!
Resistance is futile.

Just don’t tell people there are better headsets with fb spying.


After so many years, this thing still looks massively awkward / ugly. 2 hours on a single charge is pathetic for today’s stretches. Using a custom 865 SoC seems to be very underchallenged (the comic graphics).

Don’t worry though. When Apple’s VR / AR / MR / SR headset finally hits the market, Apple’s offering will show the world how to do VR etc. right.

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