Oculus Quest 2 Allegedly Exposes Youngsters to Dangerous Content material! UK Knowledge Watchdog Now Questions Meta

Oculus Quest 2 now worries experts because it exposes children to harmful content. Due to growing concerns about the advanced VR headset, UK data watchdog ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) said it wanted to speak to Meta.

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The government agency announced plans to hold talks with Mark Zuckerberg’s tech firm to further investigate Oculus Quest 2’s parental controls.

The current problem with Oculus Quest 2 is quite alarming, especially since Meta’s VR headset was one of the most sought-after Christmas gifts for children last December 2021.

Oculus Quest 2 exposes kids to harmful content?

According to the latest report from The Guardian, child safety experts claimed the advanced virtual reality wearable lacks parental controls.

Oculus Quest 2 Allegedly Subjects Children To Harmful Content!  UK Data Watchdog is now questioning meta

(Photo: Photo by Kevin Frayer / Getty Images)

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With no control over the children’s mothers, fathers and other guardians, Oculus Quest 2 allows them to access malicious content and expose them to alarming things on the platform.

“Online services and products that use personally identifiable information that children are likely to access must adhere to the standards of our Children’s Code,” said a spokesman for the Information Commissioner’s office.

The official added that people who are concerned about the current edition of Oculus Quest 2 could ask for help.

Meta denies allegation

Engadget reported that Meta insists it doesn’t break the UK children’s online safety code. The giant tech company added that it was committed to complying with the country’s rules and regulations regarding the online safety of young users.

While it does, Meta has already decided to launch a $ 50 million program to ensure the company’s VR technology complies with UK guidelines.

In other news, Meta’s Supernatural VR fitness machine has also been targeted by FTC. Meanwhile, CES 2022 revealed the VR advances made by Microsoft and other technology companies.

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